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5 August 2019
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8 August 2019


Study Excursie 2019 is a work program organized by the Department of Information and Communication of the Student Association of the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (HMJA FEB UB), which is attended by 51 people consisting of 26 committees, 24 participants and accompanied by 1 companion lecturer represented by Mr. Noval Adib. The form of Study Excursion activities is in the form of visits to entities that have a direct relationship with accounting knowledge. This year’s Study Excursie 2019 carries the theme “Explore our world to create our future” which means that students must expand our horizons in the world of work to prepare the world after lectures.

The purpose of this activity is to reflect students about the application of accounting knowledge on campus and compare it with several entities, to know the prospects of working in the accounting world, and to enhance and broaden students’ insight into the world of work. Through the 2019 Study Excursie event, HMJA FEB UB tries to become a facilitator for undergraduate accounting students in obtaining and exploring knowledge in accounting.

This activity was held on 2- 6 September 2019. On the first visit, the activity visited the East Java Regional Financial Inspection Board in Sidoarjo. After visiting the Financial Audit Agency, we went to Jakarata to visit several other entities, namely: Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Deloitte’s public accounting firm, Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), and also RSM public accounting firm. While in Jakarta we stayed at the Pop Hotel in the new market area for 1 (one) night. After visiting Jakarta, we visited the city of Bandung precisely to PT. Ultra Jaya. Besides visiting PT. Ultra Jaya, the participants also visited Dusun Bambu as a refreshing event. Then the last city visited was Semarang City. In Semarang City, this event visited the Customs and Excise Office and also the Office of the Directorate General of Taxes.

This activity was carried out well, the response of the entities visited warmly welcomed this event. At each visit the entities always give some people injuries as gifts. Although there are a few obstacles in the vandel given to the company there are print errors.