Study Stage by EGO Theater

Demokrasi dan Ekonomi
27 March 2018
EDC FEB UB Organization Training with Family Concept
28 March 2018

Implementation of the Study Stage by EGO Theater to benefit by the knowledge that will be implied or implied by the actors who have been prepared through their respective roles. It is also hoped that the general public will be motivated to improve their creativity, intention, and creative power especially in the arts.

The EGO Theater will erase the Theatrum manuscript by a writer of East Java, it is Akhudiyat. In general, the purpose of this “Performing Study” activity is to apply late theater science obtained at Basic Theater Exercise (LATDASTER), and introduce new students of EGO theater to the general public. It is expected that with this activity can give good name to FEB, because jam attended by public of this stage also invite artists all over Malang. Because basically EGO as an art institute engaged in the field of theater, is also obliged to play a role in the campus environment with the delivery of messages on target.

Implemented on Saturday, April 14, 2018 In Building Hall D FEB UB. The event will start at 7pm and opened by MC, then proceed to the performance, workshop, and closing. The Stage This study is open to the public, both Universitas Brawijaya students and the general public. More information about the Study Stage can contact Nadia Dewi Damayanti (082254435319) and Annisa Nur Amalina (081212828220)