Suara IE Langkah Perubahan

(Indonesia) Sosialisasi Mekanisme Evaluasi Studi Mahasiswa di FEB UB
21 November 2017
22 November 2017

Pemilwa IE is a program of work in HMJIE to elect the representatives of economics students held in November to December. The tendency of students in general to be indifferent, apathetic and pragmatic to all environmental and socio-cultural issues, politics, environment and society in the scope of student affairs, faculty, university, nation and state as well as international development make one of thought and it is necessary for the survival of the nation to create an independent and dignified nation.

HMJIE FEB UB is an intra-campus organization that is formed as a forum to develop skills in the form of technical skills that are appropriate in their respective subjects (Hard Skill) and the formation of Student Leadership as well as the ability to organize (Soft Skill) where both components are the main requirements in preparing an increasingly competitive competitive individual. The existence of students as agent of change has a strategic role in realizing the civil society life order that is better physically and morally. Dynamic life in the life of the campus is inseparable from the performance of each party who has the competence to be in it which one of the elements is the student organization.

As one of the intra-campus organizations, HMJIE FEB UB has an obligation to run its organization. Therefore it is necessary for the election of student representatives or pemilwa
MUMJIE is one of a series of events of Pemilwa IE 2017. This activity is the agenda of the beginning of the event as a means to accommodate the aspirations through the creation of new regulatory foundations for the future period of the agreement of students majoring in economics and exposing candidates DPM and Kahim who will advance through the presentation . In the general deliberation of students majoring in economics is also presented accountability by the chairman of the previous set. This event took place on 18 November 2017 for the first and December 9, 2017 for the second series.

The next series of Fit and Proper candidates for the chairman and council of economics students will be held on 23, 24 November 2017 and 17 November 2017, an interview conducted by the daily governing body of the association against the candidate chair of the set and the student representative council of IE.
After that there is an open debate is an activity to invite the prospective chairman of the argument about his knowledge and explain the draft performance in the period he leads in front of students of economics and lecturers, which was held on December 5, 2017.

The peak of this series of activities is the selection of the chairman of the set, which was held on December 7, 2017 and synergized along with other departments.

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