Teman Belajar Mahasiswa (TBM) 2019

Social Campaign (Soscamp) 2019
31 October 2019
Voice of The Day (VODAY)
31 October 2019

Education is a right for all humans. Humans in their lives will never stop learning. With the progress of the era that continues to grow, or in the current era of globalization, education is one of the most important aspects to support the progress of a country. Including in developing countries like Indonesia. Education is the main gate to become a prosperous and prosperous developed country. For that education can create human resources that can compete domestically or outside the country of Indonesia.

Department of Social Affairs and Environment BEM FEB UB examines and looks at the reality and tries to help by holding regular Teman Belajar Mahasiswaconsisting of Kadiksuh (Foster Sister) and Helping Hands. This is evidence of the realization that will be carried out by the Department of Social Affairs and the Environment during the management of the Student Executive Board in 2019. The direction we brought in this activity is to help children who have limited education, and provide knowledge and values everyday to children who cannot afford it.

Through the theme “Learn fun, fun learn”, we hope that the 2019 Student Learning Activity can be a place for students to actively participate in completing the promise of independence, namely to educate the life of the nation. Children who have limitations in education and lack of understanding of the education knowledge they have been receiving can be helped, without the need to spend the slightest expense.

This Student Learning Friend will be held from March to October 2019. Kadiksuh activities will take place at Tunas Bangsa Studio, Sukun, Malang. Participants from Teman Belajar Mahasiswathemselves are all functionaries of BEM FEB UB 2019 and KM FEB UB. Our target is the surrounding community which is lacking.