Tetaer and Literature Exercises

Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi Jalani Pembekalan Sebelum Mengabdi
22 August 2019
Pembekalan KKN Tematik Jurusan Akuntansi Day 2 Buat Mahasiswa Semakin Siap Mengabdi
23 August 2019

One of the activities held from the Economist Goest to Opera Theater (EGO) is Theater and Literature Training. This exercise is held every week with the aim of honing the theater skills of every member of the EGO theater. In addition to the material about theater, there were also activities to increase solidarity between EGO members in the form of games and other forms of training.

Theater and Literature Exercises are held every week starting September 16, 2019 to October 19, 2019 at the Faculty of Economics and Business. This exercise was conducted to hone skills and prepare the Human Resources of the EGO Theater as preparation for the stage and the race to be followed. In the Tetaer and Literature Exercises, it will not only be given material but will also be demanded to increase the solidarity of all participants.

Planned, this exercise will be done once a week. This training will be guided by trainers and alumi and upper-level students to deliver material. In addition to theater training, other activities will be held in the form of games that will build cooperation and solidarity between members. The final results of this exercise are in the form of a study stage, a single performance and participating in art and theater and literary competitions.

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