Zigzag Penerimaan Pajak
20 September 2017
Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan : A Guardian of Financial Stability and Crisis
22 September 2017

Sociopreneur is a social activity based business. The presence of the business concept of sociopreneur would be an effective solution to help alleviate social and economic problems in Indonesia. But before a business grows rapidly, efforts need to be pioneered in the form of startup which is a pioneer or forerunner of the business. One of the startups made by UB students is the Traveler Pack. Startup is a market-based startup that can local tour managers bring together investors, in order to develop local tourism potentials in Indonesia. In addition, this startup is also able to disseminate information and promote tourism in Indonesia to the world.

With this business hope investors no longer intervene too far on local tours in Indonesia, so that the surrounding community can take full advantage of its potential. But on the other hand, this business will also benefit investors because it can easily invest in a tourist attraction that he thinks has a good prospect with security guarantees and clear accountability of funds.

This year FEB UB team is represented by Afwa Aranza Windu Handika (Accounting 2015) as founder of Traveler Pack able to advance to the final round in ASEAN Startup Accelerator competition. In this competition, FEB UB team cooperates with two students from other faculties, namely Naufal Fathin (Engineering Informatics 2013) and Meidina Rizky Amalia (Industrial Engineering 2013). The competition which took place on 10-12 July 2017 in Singapore was organized by Indonesia Youth Academy in collaboration with Kaplan University, National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise, SingTel, and 12 investors, CEO and CTO from various companies in Singapore, such as : The Leza Parker Networks, Markedshot, Golden Gates Ventures, Vanitee, RingMD, DSTNC, Niswara, EDGE, iFashion Group, Reactor Industries, Soezlar Technology, PSLove Company).

The event on the first two days was held at Kaplan University Hall, while on the last day was held at the National University of Singapore (NUS). On the first day of the ASEAN Startup Accelerator 2nd Class finalists were given business material by Leza Parker (CEO of SC Beauty Network Pte) on smart investments, building and managing teams, building long-term business, etc. In addition there is also providing materials on technology in business and how to develop business startup by Jeffrey Paine (Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures). On the second day the finalists were given the opportunity to discuss and consult directly with 10 CEOs from companies in Singapore, such as Douglas Gan (CEO Venitee), Justin Fulcher (CEO RingMD), Kong Choy (Co-Founder VanityTrove), Lim Weiyuan (CEO Reactor Industries), and there are still several other names. After conducting discussions and consultations with CEOs, the finalists make presentations and pitches about the business they have created.

On the last day of the finalists visit the National University of Singapore (NUS), where the finalists share and hearing about campus life, learning system, business development at National University of Singapore (NUS) with Chua Sock Koong. He is an alumnus of NUS and also CEO of Singtel (Singapore Telecommunication Company). As a result of this competition delegates from FEB UB failed to become champions and only able to be a finalist only. Despite the failure of this competition, Afwa is very happy to have a valuable experience, besides by participating in this event, his hope can continue to develop startup that has been pioneered, and can share experiences about what has been obtained out there