UNYSEF (UNY Scientific Fair)

27 April 2018
The Student Forum for Economics of Malang (FMEM) in FEB UB
27 April 2018

UNYSEF (UNY Scientific Fair) is a scientific competition held by UKM Research Yogyakarta University which consists of two activities, first Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) National and National Seminar on Education. The event was held in order to enliven Dies Natalis. With the holding of UNYSEF, it is expected that many of the nation’s children’s thoughts can be presented in a work which is then applied to the general public, so that its purpose can be done properly. This event is also expected to trigger the creativity of students to work to find solutions in solving various problems of Indonesian nation now and later. The benefit of this agenda is the formation of a young generation of Indonesian who qualified and

has a strong character, especially in the field of Science for the future of a better nation.

UNYSEF was held on 26 – 28 April 2018, with the composition of the event on the first day (Thursday) held Technical Metting, second day (Friday) presentations and field trips, and the last day (Saturday) held a national seminar. UNYSEF 2018 the theme “Optimalization of Youth Role in Developing Human Resource and SDA to Realize Indonesia Mandiri”. With Sub. Themes, Health, Creative Economy, Quality Education, Socio-Culture, Technology and Energy, and Environment.