Victory Through Harmony, Management League 2018

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29 April 2018
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30 April 2018

Management League is an annual work program of Student Association of Management Department (HMJM). Management League 2018 lifted the Victory Through Harmony tagline, raising the Competitive value, Togetherness and Teamwork. Management League 2018 is expected to be a forum for undergraduate students majoring in Management to channel talents especially in sports, and able to attach students majoring in Management between forces and compete competitively, upholding a sense of togetherness with good teamwork.

Slightly different from last year, this year’s Management League 2018 races 4 branches of competition, among other Badminton, Basketball, Futsal and E-Sport Fifa 18. With a semi-league system for futsal and basketball, a league badminton league system and a knockout system for Fifa 18. Management League 2018 held from 21 April to 29 April 2018 held at GOR Tombro for badminton sports, SM Futsal Zone for futsal sport, Mardiwiyata Field for basketball and Amuza competition for Fifa 18 race.

The winner of each of the other sports:

Fifa Branch 18

1st Winner: Andika Azra (Management 2017)

2nd Winner: Dea Widya (Management 2015)

3rd Winner: Rise D (Management 2015)

Badminton Branch

1st Winner: Mabelas (Management 2015)

2nd Winner: BBB team (Management 2016)

Futsal Branch

1st Winner: MALIGA FC (Management 2015)

2nd Winner: Management 14A (Management 2014)

3rd Winner: Case N Fair (Management 2016)


1st Winner: Ancuk (Management 2014)

2nd Winner: Nankatsu (Management 2016)