Work Visitation Of DPM FEB UB 2017

20 October 2017
Sharing Pengalaman Sertifikasi Intenasional AUN-QA Prodi Ekonomi Pembangunan FEB UB dengan Universitas Udayana
21 October 2017

Unit of collages student activity or known as UKM is a place for collages student to explore their potential skill in academic or non-academic. Every campus has many UKM. In Brawijaya University (UB) we can find UKM in central even in each faculty. Even the level of region is different, all of the UKM have the same goal, there is to improve collages student skill.

If we imagine campus is like a country, we will need executive institute to arrange and do their project, and legislative institute to keep executive’s project on the right way. So in every campus in Indonesia, include in UB, we can find BEM (BadanEksekutifMahasiswa) as executive institute on faculty and DPM (DewanPerwakilanMahaswiwa) as legislative institute.

DPM Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) is legislative form where placed on faculty. DPM FEB UB keep handle its value, Tri Dharma PerguruanTinggi, to do their project. It has some values to achieve their vision like responsive, constructive, and synergize.

Now, DPM try to make a good diplomat relationship with internal institute in UB, and external institute with another collage university in Indonesia. The goal of this project is to become a legislator that communicative in and out of its region.

And to make it realize, DPM make a work plan called “Work Visitation of DPM FEB UB 2017”. This program has a hope to make a good, active, and communicatedrelationship as a form to develop our insight and our capability better and to get transfer knowledge faster between each institutes. The other goals are to make a legislator that competent and respond to clear any problem, especially the new issues, based on teamwork in internal or external collages university. We hope this visitation can make our institute, DPM FEB UB, be better in next period.

This work visitation of DPM FEB UB 2017 will be held on 27 – 29 October 2017 at GadjahMada University. In this visitation, there will be presentation for Senate of GadjahMada University and DPM FEB UB to unite the perspective of each institute.

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