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9 July 2015
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10 July 2015


The young generation is in the Era of Globalization currently required to know even mastered at least two foreign languages. English is a foreign language becomes an international language and is used to communicate with people from different countries. Therefore, the mastery of the English language seems to be a necessity in the Era of Globalization. Each generation especially the younger generation are expected to communicate and speak English well. To sharpen, improve, the ability to speak English and to train the young generations especially in terms of writing, then we are compelled to hold a writing class with theme “Into The Thrill Of Writing”

In the face of this globalization, the young generation must be able to think critically and be able to express ideas and aspirations on any issues or problems that occur in the environment, in Indonesia, and in the world. In addition to sharpening, improve, and practice English language skills, this event is also a platform for young people to channel their aspirations in a wide variety of forms of writing so that the future can be beneficial not only for ourselves but also for others. Through this event is expected every young generation can think critically and dare to express ideas, opinions, and their aspirations through writing using proper English so that it can be the generation that can compete well in this globalization.

Event’s Name

English Writing Workshop

The Activity

  1. tri brawijaya college, university
  2. Work Program of ICOSH FEB UB (Inbox Economic of English) Economic and Bussiness of University of Brawijaya

Purpose and objectives

  1. Our intention is for training events, writing in the English language properly
  2. Our goal to hold this event is:
  3. Explore and enhance the potential of non-academic students through writing especially in English
  4. To train the procedure of writing properly, especially in English.

Event’s Theme

“Into The Thrill Of Writing”

Event’s Type

Writing in the English language training

Event’s Implementation

Date                : 13 June 2015

Place                : A hall building of the faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University

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