Evaluation of BEM’s Project

13 September 2017
Pedagogi Pertumbuhan Ekonomi
14 September 2017

Unit of collages student activity or known as UKM is a place for collages student to explore their potential skill in academic or non-academic. Every campus has many UKM. In Brawijaya University (UB) we can find UKM in central even in each faculty. Even the level of region I different, all of the UKM have the same goal, there is to improve collages student skill.

If we imagine campus is like a country, we will need executive institute to arrange and do their project, and legislative institute to keep executive’s project on the right way. So in every campus in Indonesia, include in UB, we can find BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) as executive institute on faculty and DPM (Dewan Perwakilan Mahaswiwa) as legislative institute.

DPM have many function. There are aspiration, constitution, and BEM performance evaluation. BEM performance evaluation is DPM Project to control every single steps of BEM’s Project to minimalized their mistake and make their project still in a right way or corridor. So, we held “Evaluasi Kinerja KMFEB UB” as our project to evaluation BEM performance on every three months. The first evaluation hold in 21st Mei 2017. The others meeting will be held on 20th Augustus, 29th October, and the last in 31st December 2017. All of meeting will be held at meeting hall in A3.

The goals of this project are to give score about how far BEM’s project well-being and to keep an eye on PK2MABA (new collages student orientation). We hope with this evaluation, BEM and KMFEB can arrange and make a better project for next period with this evaluation as a standard to minimalized mistake on last period.

We will invite the important member of BEM FEB UB to cross check the truth of project between data that we found with the perception of BEM of their project. This action is a step to give a score objectively.

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