Forstilling FEB UB prepare the character education and personal of Muslim children through education qur’ani citizen betek Malang

28 March 2018
Menegakkan Ekonomi Robbani yang Berjiwa Insani dengan Inovasi Masa Kini
29 March 2018

The Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB) is held in Betek, a regular social teaching activity organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB-UB) from March to November every Saturday at 15.00 – 5pm. ICCB includes teaching and learning both general education and religious science, studying together, tausyiah by inviting competent speakers. In addition, children are interspersed with skill or drawing, outbonds that can sharpen children’s abilities, as well as roads to recreational areas to provide entertainment and education for children .

“The children in Betek village will get religious education and improve their learning education”, said Septi (Executive Secretary of ICCB). The purpose of this ICCB activity is to create the next generation of the nation and religion that can survive in the era of secularization and globalization, the creation of a virtuous and intelligent child, digging, raising, and fostering the potential interests and talents of children who have not developed and stimulate and foster the spirit of leadership of children independent, creative, and innovative from an early age with Islamic values ​​as the basis for the formation of his personality.

Implementing ICCB in a door-to-door socialization with the permission of the Head of RT Gg. 18 Betek Malang recorded the potential participants who covered the early childhood. With ICCB is expected Forstiling can be known by stakeholders, especially residents of  Betek Village.

Contact person :

  1. Robbani (085790286396)
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