Gadjah Mada Econolympics 2015, Sportsmanship Indefinitely

(Indonesia) Jurusan Manajemen Sambut Maba 2015
21 September 2015
23 September 2015

Students as human resources active and dynamic, as well as potentially requiring the container to channel the talent, energy and skills to realize in all the activities that are positive and avoid negative actions. Of the phenomenon, we realized the necessary means to their places of work.

EBBraU is one of the LSO (Semi-autonomous Institution) at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya be one means the interests and talents of students FEB UB. EBBraU decided to attend the GME (GadjahMadaEconolympics) which includes competitions of basketball, futsal, modern dance and saman university level by the Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Economics and Business, University of GadjahMada in order to increase the experience of our members. In addition to adding the experience for students FEB UB, we also hope to help the name of FEB UB as faculty who excel in non-academic fields both inside and outside the college campus.

The following achievements EBBraU FEB-UB:

  • – Champion Putra Surya Pro Basketbal Team Regional Championship 2004-2008
  • – Champion Men’s Basketball Team Faculty Univ. UB 2003 until 2011
  • – Winner Basketball Women’s Team UB Faculty Univ 2009 to 2011
  • – Third Place Team FE UII Putra Cup 2005 Jogjakarta
  • – Third Place Team FE UI Cup Men Jakarta 2009
  • – Second Place Team Cup Men FE UA Surabaya 2010
  • – Second Place Team Putra Jakarta FE UI Cup 2011
  • – Winner Women’s Team Jakarta FE UI Cup 2011
  • – Second Place FE UA Women’s Team Cup Surabaya 2011
  • – Winner of the UI Cup 2012 Women’s Team
  • – Third Place Team Men UI Cup 2012
  • – Winner Tim Puta FE UGM Cup 2012
  • – Winner of FE UGM Women’s Team Cup 2012
  • – Third Place Women’s Team UMM Cup 2013
  • – Winner Women’s Team FE UI Cup 2014
  • – Winner of the Olympic Women’s Team UB 2014
  • – Third Place Men’s Olympic Team UB 2014
  • – Winner Basketball Women’s Team Faculty Univ. UB 2014
  • – Third Place Men’s Basketball Team Faculty Univ. UB 2014
  • – Third Place Team Men ARTEFAC UNS between the Faculty of National Economy in 2015
  • – Second Place Women’s Team H-7 Cup between Club Se Malang 2015
  • – Second Place Women’s Team V-Com between the National Faculty of 2015

Form of activity

Delivery Delegation “Gadjah Mada Econolympics 2015” SON team

Implementation of activities

  1. Date: 19 to 26 September 2015
  2. Place: GorAmongrogo, Yogyakarta

Participants activities

No. Name Department Position
1 M. Fazlurrahman IlmuEkonomi Player
2 M. Rano I. S. Management Player
3 BayuWageanteng Management Player
4 OkkyAbrianto Management Player
5 RenadiPratama Accounting Player
6 IndraFajar IlmuEkonomi Player
7 Demac Siahaan Ilmu Ekonomi Player
8 Ahmad Galih S. IlmuEkonomi Player
9 GifferdiVenadito IlmuEkonomi Player
10 Vito Pamungkas Management Player
11 Eka Putra Sowandika Management Official
12 WarsonoDikaryanto Official
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