Handheld Love World Hereafter with Muslim brotherhood through Role of Muslim Youth Propagation Resistance Successor

RUBRIK: Seberapa Efektifkah Amnesti Pajak?
28 September 2016
GEBYAR AKUNTANSI 2016 “World Market Travel”
28 September 2016

As (We have perfected a delicious We thee) we have sent to you Messengers among you who read Our revelations to you and purify you and teach you the Book and Al-Hikmah (AS-Sunnah), and will teach you what not you know.”

 (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 151)

And let no class of people among you who call to goodness, sent to ma’ruf and prevent the the evil”.

(Q.S. Ali Imran: 104)

                 Praise Allah, the Lord of hosts has Gracious, Most Merciful. He alone deserves to be worshiped and unto Him we are entitled to invoke precisely pertolongan.Semoga we are always in a straight path, the path of people – those who have mercy on him is not their way of his wrath. Sholawat and greetings will always so devoted to the best motivator we Rasullullah SAW, along with family, friends and his people who always follow him until the Day of Judgment.

                 The formation of character is something that is important for every Muslim, especially in a campus environment with different cultures and lifestyles of students. For new students this condition becomes a challenge to adjust to the new environment. Because if they are not able to adapt and pick a good environment they will instead drift negative association. Sehinngga they need intensive guidance and assistance to adapt in a campus environment. Both will help students, especially new members Forstilling Faculty of Economics and Business is to find a new environment that is conducive. To that end, Forstilling as Propagation Institute Faculty at FEB felt that they had had a role in this, so we held a training program Forstilling as one groove Forstilling cadre as well as an increase in tsaqofah islamiyah container.

DIFORS activities carried out on:

Time          : Saturday-Sunday 15-16 October 2016

Points        : FEB UB

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