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Sejumlah Karyawan FEB bersama Pembantu Dekan III Berziarah ke Beberapa Makam Wali dan Kyai di Jawa Timur
1 February 2014
5 February 2014

All praise to Allah SWT for He has bestowed his grace upon us all, hence we are allowed to go through 2013 in good health and obtain numerous accomplishments for our beloved faculty. I, on behalf of the entire lecturers and staffs of FEB UB, wish you happy new year 2014. May Allah SWT grant us his blessing and new spirit for 2014. I would also like to congratulate the newly chosen vice deans (whom I personally prefer as my strategic partners) as well as the heads of department and program in FEB UB, may Allah ease our path in carrying out this mandate and cooperating with all faculty elements  toward better FEB-UB in future.

In the beginning of 2014, I would like to convey several hopes and objectives for the development of FEB-UB in the following year. First, constructing mutual beneficial collaboration, especially in the improvement of lecturers’ competence and quality. By improving the quality if the lecturers, it is expected that they endorse the students’ quality, therefore able to participate in national and international arena. The lecturers of FEB UB are able to be teachers, examiners and researchers in other universities, both domestic and abroad. This can be used as barometer for success in improving the lecturers’ quality and competence.

Second, strengthening the internal management through refurbishment in organization structure and governance of FEB UB. The organization structure refurbishment is expected to promote effective and efficient performance. Furthermore, in 2014 there will be many changes in government policy related to human resources in higher education level, for example  the implementation of PNS (government employee) Performance Accomplishment, Employee Benefit, which of course will demand changes in organizational working culture. Better human resources quality will surely provide better service for students, alumni, as well as any users from the society.

Third, improving the quality of graduates through better quality of academic system and supporting facility for undergraduate, graduate as well as postgraduate programs. Curriculum conformation toward the dynamic and development both on higher education environment and market requirement will always be conducted in order to improve the quality of graduates. Moreover, standardization and modernization for the facilities will be made to provide comforting teaching learning environment.

Fourth, recovering cooperation with the Alumni Association (IKA) of FEB UB. The more harmonious the cooperation between FEB-UB alumni and internal management, the wider the chances to improve FEB in future. By the support and cooperation from IKA FEB UB, students have better chances in internship. Furthermore, this harmonious cooperation also provide lecturers with chances in community service.

I believe that all these hopes and objectives can run well and gain success by the support of every element of the academic community and stakeholders. In the spirit of togetherness and mutual understanding and sincere intention, then I am in no doubt that we can bring the better FEB UB in future.

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