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13 February 2015
Bekerja Sama dengan KPP Malang Utara, ICATAS akan Selenggarakan Workshop Pengisian e-Filing
17 February 2015
Firstly, let us pray and praise Allah SWT for all His grace and guidance so as FEB UB, our beloved campus, has obtained the best, especially in providing qualified education for society.
In the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), FEB UB is keeping on improving itself in term of service including the improvement of staffs’ quality ( the lecturers and academic staffs), facility and infrastructures, in order to mold best graduates that are market accepted. Other effort done by FEB UB are keeping the quality of its education process by achieving both national (BAN-PT) and international accreditation (AUN, ABEST21 and AACSB).
Due to external change, especially in the increasing competition among universities has demanded them to provide more qualified education and market driven, as well as knowledge development. FEB keeps on achieving targets determined in Faculty Strategic Plan by efficiency and transparency principles (good governance) without sacrificing the quality of both academic and non-academic service for stakeholders.
Based on 2014 evaluation, the need for lectures with doctoral degree has become significant due to market demand on higher and varied quality of alumni. In 2014 the strengths of FEB UB were in the area education cooperation as well as research and community service, nevertheless in the upcoming year, it will be more in encouraging the quality of lecturers expertise and entrepreneurship, and also the providing an alternative funding for students activities.  Encouragement effort for young lecturers in getting higher degree (doctoral) in local or overseas university will be continuously done so there are 5 – 10 young lecturers taking doctoral degree this year.
And we would like to thank to Heads of Study Program (S1 Economics, S1 Accounting and S1 Islam Economics) that have achieved “A” in BAN PT Accreditation. In this 2015, there are 5 Study Programs applying for accreditation: 1) S1 Economics by AUN QA; 2) Master of Economics by ABEST21; 3) S1 Management by BAN PT; 4) Doctor of Management by BAN PT, and 5) Profession Accounting Program by BAN PT. we hope that all these Study programs get the best score.
Last but not least, I, on the behalf of all FEB UB leaders and community, would like to express gratitude to all stakeholders supporting our existing achievements and hope we all stand side by side (Harmonizing) in developing our beloved institution, hopefully all these becomes our good deeds and legacy in the history of better Indonesia.

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