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<!–:en–>HMJIE: Media HMJIE 2015: “Proud to be IE”<!–:–><!–:id–>HMJIE: Media HMJIE 2015: “Proud to be IE”<!–:–>
13 April 2015
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14 April 2015

Background of event

As a means of self-actualization for accounting major students, Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi (HMJA) has the focus and desire to escalate the ability and sensitivity of accounting major students of all batch on the academicals field towards accounting issues. Therefore, HMJA as a means of realization for accounting major students’ interest and talent wants to facilitate every interest and talent of accounting major students in Diskusi Akuntansi.

In this event, accounting major students are expected to understand more about the ins and outs of accounting. This event is also expected to be able in improving the accounting major students’ knowledge about accounting and improving their critical thinking in solving problems related to accounting’s nowadays issues, thus the presence of HMJA as a means of self-actualization for accounting major students towards the common goals is more confirmed.

The theme

To creating student of accounting for critical, thingking ahead and scientifical for everything.


  1. Adding a referance about accounting for all student of accounting
  2. To devloping analytical skill of the case about accounting
  3. To accommodating and a means to sharing idea about accounting for each other


Time                   : Mei,23 2015, June 20 2015 and October 21 2015

Location            : Basement Economic and Bisnis Faculty of Brawijaya University

The Activity

  1. Colloquium issue of accounting
  2. Colloquium abouut the organization

Contact Person

Ahmad Haidar (088210760032)
Santera Nasya (081233993214)
Bulan Rahma Nindita (082230909988)

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