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13 April 2015
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13 April 2015


The rapid growth of science and technology, the incessant flow of information and globalization of the world, has brought about significant changes in all aspects of life. Human resources which have high totality and dedication in the field absolute must-have in addition to the mastery of technology in improving energy efficiency. Various efforts to improve the quality of human resources as a resource has been widely cultivated seed as well as the organization’s resources. This relates to the professional work that must be done by activist organizations with regard to the short time available.

Idealism student who always want everything can be achieved at a young age is a reasonable and became one of the things that can trigger for them to continue a career and become a campus activist. Only students must have special skills in organizing themselves and time. The perfect student is a student who can balance the academic and nonakademik. To be able to create a spirited student academic organizational and hence the need for activities that can motivate students to be able to participate in the arena of change towards civilization in the 21st century.

Such activities may include Media HMJIE for students who like to organize and make themselves into a man who is confident and full of sacrifice and responsibility towards amanahnya. It is a manifestation of the creation of a religious democracy that considers the task is a trust that must be resolved. Events Media HMJIE is an activity carried out for the management. This activity is done in the production of bulletins, community bulletin boards, or seek information from print and electronic media. In addition to the manufacture of newsletter articles, this activity also shaped layout design creation, which is compiled from a variety of internal and external sources.

Theme Activities

”Proud to be IE”

Purpose and objectives

The general objective to be achieved through this activity is as a medium of communication, as a source of information on all activities at HMJ IE or IE majors, and as media transparency of all activities in HMJ IE so expect all students in Economic Sciences is not a lack of information.

The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are:

  1. To provide an understanding to the students of IE against everything about HMJ IE and IE HMJ function for IE students.
  2. As a medium channeling both scholarship information as well as information about the lecture.
  3. As the information the student need.
  4. As a medium of exploration and development of student creativity through the news and technology.
  5. As a transparency to all students of IE on all activities that take place in HMJ IE in order to avoid discrepancies between one and the other activities.
  6. Improve and develop the potential of students of IE in the process of news and analysis of economic developments through the media wall magazine.
  7. Embedding solidarity and loyalty towards HMJ IE.


Time and Date

“MEDIA” will be held on :

Time                : May – November

Time Schedule

Time Activities
May 2015 First bulletin and wall magazine on May
June 2015 Wall magazine on June
September 2015 Wall magazine on September
October 2015 Wall magazine on October
November 2015 Second bulletin dan wall magazine on November

Contact Person:

Fildzah Imas M (085258540095)
Heena Trisna P (085733190421)

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