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29 March 2016
29 March 2016

To achieve a goal in an organization, they needs a great leader and compact, solid, and synergistic membership. Training Organization is the first event of the series of activities autonomous institution Economics and Business Dance Club. This organization is a training program which is mandatory for the management Economics and Business Dance Club 2015. The event aims to shape the character of leadership, active, creative and work together to run an organization. The training is in order as the provision of engineering, how, and also a good organizational system in order to promote Economics and Business Dance Club, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya.

Theme Activities

“K 17+”

Purpose and objectives

In general, the aim of shaping the character of leadership, Economics and Business Dance Club’s members as human beings to make an active, creative and innovative in preserving cultural values and nurture and educate the sense of cooperation, a sense of unity and solidarity among members.

Implementation Activities

Date       : Saturday-Sunday, 26-27 March 2016

Time       : 11:00 AM – finished

Place      : Villa Balitjestro, Batu

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