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12 September 2017
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12 September 2017

Activities Indonesian Debating Competition is a series of events organized by the Student Association Economic Science Faculty Of Economics and Business the Udayana University, Bali. This activity began with the carrying out of selection through essay generated by the participants. The theme of essay question is “Intensifying Resources Development to accomplish Sustainable Economic’s Welfare”. With several sub-theme :

  1. Optimize Human Resources in the land to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people.
  2. The role of the Indonesian Government in improving the competitiveness of human resources in the Era of Free Trade in Southeast Asia.

FEB UB team which consists of Elisheba Pupitaputri, Yulia Indiani, and Nauval Fais which is derived from the Economic Sciences FEB UB asking essay titled Printing superior and skilled Human Resources to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people. This is based on the fact that saw the potential of human resources is very great in Indonesia. Furthermore the demographic bonus that will be accepted Indonesia a few years will make this country become more credited. But some of the efforts of the government to increase is very low. Therefore appears some solutions to empower the program that already exists. For example only optimization of training center. When the improvement of the quality of education through deemed difficult and time consuming and the huge cost, training is the solution.

The team from FEB new UB send soft copy of the paper on the last day of the collection. Originally the team FEB UB had feel doubt and pessimistic view the number of participants who have long followed the debate. This is very different for the new team FEB UB trying to debate over the last few months. When the announcement of the ingredients in the debate on September 17 FEB UB team also only read at first glance and a discussion that is not deeply. When the finalists on July 24 FEB UB team team turned out to be passed to the finalists. FEB UB team surely very happy.

FEB UB team directly to perform various preparations are divided tasks. Some of the tasks that must be the team FEB UB do is contact the committee to confirm the presence and to find alternative cheapest and easiest in terms of accommodation. The next task is to do the preparation of the ingredients in the debate that has been distributed by the committee some time ago. And the last task is to do intensive exercise with some friend who has the experts to improve the ability of the team FEB UB.

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