IDE XIII (Intellectual Dialogue of Economics XIII) 2015

BRAWIJAYA ACCOUNTING FAIR 2015 (BAF’15) “Facing New Challenges and Opportunities of the Asian Pacific Integration”
3 August 2015
(Indonesia) FEB UB akan Adakan Forum Riset Ekonomi dan Keuangan Syariah
4 August 2015

Indonesia is one of the countries that has many distinctive and unique characteristics. As one of the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is an archipelago with a variety of potential spread from Sabang to Merauke. The potential of diversity also have the characteristics and the differences between each region of each other. So, when combined will be a blessing for Indonesia because of the potential of various kinds. The potential of the region itself is indeed not only consist of physical potential as we usually know in General. As with any natural potential, etc.

The potential of a region can also be seen from the non physical potential. For example, the education system, economic activities, and so on. In Indonesia itself, the potential of a diverse and scattered throughout Indonesia is a potential physical and non physical. It means that Indonesia has the potential of a truly multi-faceted individual in every area, both potential physical or non-physical potential that is viable and able to be developed so that it can add value later.

In line with that, befitting its diverse potential competitors must be well managed and optimized. Optimal here means we did the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing potential. By optimizing the potential that exists in the region, it will increase the added value (value added) of the potential. So when actionable then it will give a great contribution to the economy. Especially on economic growth and development. And of course, the potential of which is optimized not only his physical potential as its natural potential. But to develop the potential of non-physical and mengoptimalkannya also rated critical because in doing so, would encourage other potential to flourish.

The potential of a region also assessed needs to be developed to support development goals. Both the development of regional, national, and global. Moreover, with the participation of Indonesia in the global development agenda or better known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs 2015). In the global development agenda, there are eight global development goals composed of various aspects of both economic and non-economic. As a development agenda that ends in 2015, the course has gained some product from participating countries including Indonesia. But the realization or the product obtained by Indonesia from the global development agenda is not yet optimal. Same is the case with other participating countries, which also have yet to optimize its accomplishments.

Hence, comes the new development agenda post 2015 or known by the term Post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs 2015 Post). Post the MDGs 2015 is a global development agenda post 2015 which is a continuation of the MDGs before 2015. This agenda was formed as an attempt to optimize the development in the world by achieving its development goals. Although officially, ilustrative goals MDGs 2015 from the Post has not been announced, but there has been some draft ilustrative goals that will become ilustrative goals Post MDGs 2015 later. Among them is the goal of development in the sectors of education, health, resources, energy, food, global partnerships, and finance.

The role of students as iron stock and agent of change is needed here to optimize and explore potential-potential that exists in the region so that it can be utilized to achieve the development goals as set out in the agenda 2015 MDGs Post above. By optimizing the potential that exists here, expected by the end of 2030 will be reached by the development goals that have been set.

The theme of the activity

“Improved Local-based Potential competitiveness to face the Global economy”

Subtema :

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Food
  4. Energizing
  5. Employment
  6. Resources
  7. Good Governance
  8. Global Patnership
  9. Finance

Intents and purposes

In general goals you want to dicapa imelalui of these activities is to increase student participation, in particular of HMJ IE FEB-UB in developing a personal mandate for carrying out his duties in an institution or organization container so that the image of HMJIE FEB-UB future expected to be increasing.

As for the specific purpose to be achieved through this activity, namely

  1. Increase social sensitivity and shows students in the current state of critiquing present in Indonesia.
  2. Improve and develop the skills and attitudes of students across Indonesia IE especially oriented result achievement as much as possible.
  3. Indicate the existence, competence, appreciation as well as the consistency of the students as one of the motors driving the progress of Indonesia .
  4. Growing and develop the power of creativity in order to develop further the potential student.
  5. Build mindset intellect for the benefit and improvement of the nation’s moral self that starts from the community in general and students in particular.
  6. As a means for students to develop and talents of students in the field of scientific papers as well as a means of actualizing the role of students as well as government control agent of change through the media of writing

Implementation of Activities

  1. Tenical Meeting

day, date        : Thursday, 15 October 2015,

place              : building A Hall venue 3rd floor FEB UB

  1. Presentation LKTI

day, date        : Friday, 16 October 2015

place              : 1st floor Library Room Center of UB

  1. Scientific Discussion

day, date        : Saturday, 17 October2015

place              : 1st floor Library Room Center of UB

  1. Field Trip

day, date        : Sunday, 18 October 2015

places             : Eco Green Park, Batu Malang

Participants Registration

This activity participants are students in the state university and private university in Indonesia.


Contact Person

  1. Faizah (085604491445)
  2. Amalia (08990354685)
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