In-depth reviews on Tax Amnesty Case in Indonesia : Study of Perspective Economic, Social , Political , Legal , Administrative and Cultural Affairs.

13 May 2016
“Enhancing The Role of Accountant for Betterment of Society”
17 May 2016

Poster Student Conference

Today there is no doubt that every human being is required to be able to create something new and continue to innovate in all fields of activities that they do. Without the innovations that could make him different from other human beings will not be able to keep eksisitensinya merekantara other human beings. Increasing competition and increasing the qualifications desired by the outside world to make human beings should be able to think one step ahead than others jik want recognition for its existence. The thing that requires every man to try to think far ahead and create ideas that never terfikirkan previously by others.

The process of creation of these ideas that take a long time if a person never sharpen their curiosity of the world in which he lived with jelly and the high sensitivity of symptoms socioeconomic contained around the place of life, especially for students. Students as intellectuals who later thought and its contribution is expected by this nation, should be able to create and improve system-existing system. Because of their presence in the world of education and as an element of public closer to the general public, students are expected to make a significant contribution to the world of education and government as well as for society at large so that future permaslahan-problems faced by all of the elements contained in these countries can be resolved appropriately.

                In social life through which students are many options where they can channel their talents and abilities. Mainly in the development of thought and distribution of creative ideas they have. Due to the distribution of creative ideas they have, not only will eliminate the burden they bear, but also ease the burden of other people when the idea that they spark can resolve an issue which actually may be experienced by many people but no one has an answer of these problems, and will be more meaningful if the idea can be accepted by everyone.

               Therefore it is then, administrators and staff of the Department of Research and Reasoning LSME FEB-UB will hold Student Conference program that is packaged in the activities of the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) scientifically.

 Event themesIn-depth reviews on Tax Amnesty Case in Indonesia : Study of Perspective Economic, Social , Political , Legal , Administrative and Cultural Affairs. Purpose and objectives1. Train soft skills of students in the activities of scientific discussion2. Encourage students to create creative ideas3. Improve and develop the thinking and reasoning of students to the knowledge , expertise and skills in scientific insight .4. Improving and show social sensitivity of students in criticizing the current economic situation of Indonesia Forms of activityWorkshop and Forum Group Discussion ( FGD ) Implementation ActivitiesDay / Date : Sunday, May 22, 2016Time : 07:30 WIB- 15:15 pmPlace: Building A , Room Hall A3

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