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19 October 2016
Brawijaya Showcase Night 2016: “Heritage of World’s Culture”
19 October 2016

In the era of globalization where knowledge and technology are highly developed, college students are demanded to be active in every aspect. In general public, college students which are believed to be the “agent of change” and the “agent of control”, have a bigger responsibility. Therefore, the ability to think intellectually and have a wide knowledge along with the sensitivity to surroundings and social problems become an important thing and must inveterate along with the development or dynamic that happens in general public.

                        College-Student Press Organization (LPM) Indikator which incidentally becomes an organization whose function is being a place for college students in Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya University on the field of journalistic, needs a change that leads to professionalism and have a huge sensitivity to their surroundings. Beside going deep in the field of journalistic, college-students also learn how to be involved in an organization and in groups. Of course, this thing will eventually give benefits to college-students, further for Brawijaya University along with society around it. Therefore, a journalist needs to be sensitive with his/her social environment also able to think critically to develop, go deep in, and appreciate his/her talent. In connection with those things said above, LPM Indikator has a program that aims to give a basic training about journalism activities and organizational training to all new members of LPM Indikator. This thing will be useful to older members of LPM Indikator to be a better version of themselves


New members of LPM Indikator batch 2015/2016 who have taken the application forms and new members of LPM Indikator. Anggota baru Indikator angkatan 2015/2016 yang sudah mengambil formulir pendaftaran dan anggota magang Indikator (attached).


Time: 4th – 6th of November, 2016

Place: Songgoriti, Batu

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