Saweri Gading 3rd Winner at ARTEFAC UNS 2018

Beasiswa Unggulan Masyarakat Berprestasi
26 March 2018
Demokrasi dan Ekonomi
27 March 2018

Achievement for the achievement continues to be achieved by students of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Not only achievement in the academic field, but also in the field of nonakademik. One of them in the field of futsal sport. This time, Saweri Gading FEB UB’s futsal team won 3rd place in futsal competition ARTEFAC UNS 2018 (Art and Sport Appreciation by Economic and Business Faculty of UNS) held at GOR Manahan Solo.

The futsal competition among the Faculty of Economics in Indonesia is held from March 18 to March 23, 2018. In this competition, Saweri Gading sent 1 male team consisting of 12 players. Saweri Gading has made effective preparations for approximately 3 months in order to perform prime in the competition ARTEFAC UNS 2018. All the hard work Saweri Gading finally paid off by reaching the top 3 position in this competition. M. Hanif Afyandhiya (Economics, 2015) as Chairman of Saweri Gading said “Team performance (in the race) is good enough, acceptable result should be grateful and become evaluation for better performance in the future.”

All the achievements achieved by Saweri Gading from the competitions that followed was no doubt. Saweri Gading not only scents the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the university level, but also to the national level. “Glad to be able to boast or contribute achievement to FEB UB. It is also my alma mater of course I am very proud. “Said Danial (Management, 2016) who is also one of Saweri Gading players.

For the next, Saweri Gading is preparing for the closest competition that is Hore Cup 2018, which is a futsal competition in Java Bali. “Hopefully through a good process SG can be a champion in the event,” said Hanif.

Bunga Nadira
Bunga Nadira
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