(Indonesia) Management Edutainment 2016 FEB UB (part 1)
31 October 2016
Company Visit Himpunan Jurusan Manajemen 2016
1 November 2016

Currently among (Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya) KM FEB UB in particular and the entire UB on its common, there are still many students who are less concerned with each other, they only think and concerned with the needs of their own lives, but there are still many children out there who need our help. The young generation are the face of Indonesia in future, because one day they are the successor and replacement for the older generation that exists today, how Indonesia can be a developed country if there is still a lot of the next generation of this country live below the poverty line, and never earn a decent education. They must also never choose to live in deprivation, they also cannot do much to get out of the shackles of poverty, we are the one who should have been reaching out to them, because we are intellectuals who have diverse knowledge that we can give to them, served in a real and wholehearted to alleviate our friends from the poverty line, and is an action that is needed at this time.

However unfortunately this time not many students are aware of it, life of luxury and an abundance of money has blinded them all going concern for others, self-centered attitude and high luxury life style is the one who will make the nation is experiencing a mental crisis. Believe or not that this is a reality that occurs in our society today, cultivate an attitude of concern is not as easy, it all requires a long process and the seriousness of depth, attitude and selfish are from themselves that needs to be shut down. They need to learn about the realities of life of our friends out there who are less capable. Even though few of our friends who are not as perfect physical are eager to live and continue to be innovate. We should be ashamed when looking at these facts, because few among students today just do some unnecessary, lazy or party, until they get tired. Many students are less interested in a variety of organizational life and various activities that exist on campus, they just study and then go home, and so on. So they are less able to get along with the others, which lead to lack of relationship with other.


BEM FEB UB 2016 wants to sensitize students FEB UB in particular and the entire UB in general the importance of caring for others, we want to foster a sense of social through an event that we consider to be interesting, in the form of entertainment that is full of social value and moral. From the event INSPIRING 2016, hope that some students can be inspire and absorb the essence of this event, and can change the way of their thinking and open their eyes of their hearts to care for others, of a sense of concern that we hope we can help each other collectively together to build this nation for a better Indonesia.


“There’s no a different, there’s only the purity of heart and soul from the difference”


With this event, we aim as follows:

  • Cultivating gratitude UB students
  • Providing inspiration to the students of UB.
  • Growing confidence UB students
  • To foster a sense of awareness FEB UB students in particular and the entire UB in general.


Place of Activity       :  Basement of Building E. Faculty of Economics and    Business University of Brawijaya Malang.

Time Frame Activity     :    29th November 2016, 12.00 until 16.00

                                           30th November 2016, 09.30 until 11.00

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