Inspiring Da’wah with Creativity

Penyelesaian Sengketa di Sektor Jasa Keuangan
31 March 2017
Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB)
5 April 2017


Information are the important things nowadays.  Information allows us to add insight, to know new things, analyze events, and act better. Undeniably, the role of information becomes very central. In daily life, the information becomes a source of learning, moreover trigger changes.

Here, magazine event dan the wall magazine take a part in spread the information and knowledge that are very important. It transfers information and knowledge due creating the people better. This function turned out to be in tune with what we hold as a student. As an agent of change and an agent of control, we should participate in the dedication in order to achieve improvement. Starting from this premise, Center for Islamic Economics Studies (CIES) as an Institution Autonomous Area in the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya want to contribute in disseminating information and knowledge, particularly in relation to the field of Islamic Economics for the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business University Brawijaya (FEB-UB).

CIES Magz magazine itself is a form of Islamic economics magazine, until now it has been rising and running almost the last 5 years during CIES management turnover from year to year. In the other side, the wall magazine of CIES has take a part in updating the latest info about the activities of CIES, FoSSEI and latest islamic economic news. With this CIES Magz, CIES Wall Magz and information boards, and dakwah poster is expected to attempt the readers well insight by presenting information, knowledge, news related to the islamic economic development.


  • Editorial meeting 4x:
    1. 01 April 2017 –  30 April 2017,
    2. 01 Mei 2017 – 31 Mei 2017,
    3. 01 Juni 2017 – 15 Juni 2017,
    4. 01 Oktober 2017 – 02 November 2017
  • Pervation and Interview : 01 April 2017 – 07 Oktober 2017
  • Writing and Editing    : 03 April  2017 – 07 Oktober 2017
  • CIES Magz 1 times publishing           : 06 Novermber 2017
  • Wall magazine and information boards publish 1 month once start from April – November 2017
  • Dakwah poster published 1 month twice
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