2 December 2015
(Indonesia) Wujud Kepedulian, HMJA Selenggarakan Charity Event
4 December 2015

The young generation is in the Era of Globalization currently required to know even mastered at least two foreign languages. English is a foreign language which became an international language and is used to communicate with people from different countries. Therefore, the mastery of the English language seems to be a necessity in the Era of Globalization. Every generation especially the younger generation are expected to be able to communicate and speak English well. In order to train and hone the skills of the younger generation, especially in the English language, we are compelled to hold a weekly exercise either on public speaking, writing, and English debate.Kegiatan the theme “practice makes progress”.

In studying any case, we can not immediately hang instantly. Including to master the English language, we can briefly master this skill. It takes a process that is conducted regularly in order to excel at. To that end, we have put this event so that participants always practice their skills-skills in the English language. In addition to train and hone the skills of young people in English, this event is also a platform for the young generation to mutually discuss, debate is healthy to express the aspirations and ideas of the issues or problems that occur both in Indonesia and in the world so as to make they practice the skills in the English language that will have an impact on the progress of their skills.

Activities name

Intensive English Skill Training


This activities about gathering ICOSH’ers, in two days.

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