Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB)

Inspiring Da’wah with Creativity
31 March 2017
FEB UB compete on Atma Jaya Jogjakarta Supreme Accounting Competition
5 April 2017


Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICBB) was held in the shrine KADIKSUH Forstilling at Betek, the agenda is the routine activity of teaching held by the Islamic Studies Environmental Forum FEB-UB every Saturday afternoon from 15:00 until 17:00. This activity includes teaching good science education in general and science of religion, read of Qur’ran together, in order that  children interspersed with making skills or draw, outbound sports training , as well as when there is a loose time we took the road to a place of recreation, that provides entertainment and education.

This activity is held within the range from March to November. in the background backs by the low level of public education Betek. The low level of education in society Betek is influenced by several factors: (1) The low attention of parents to their children on educational issues. (2) The cost of education is expensive, and their parents over sending their children to work rather than choosing to send their children. (3) Infrastructure is poor quality. (4) Mental minder if it must compete with the richer in education issues ICCB has a goal such as: (1) Creating the next generation and religion are able to survive in the era of secularization and globalization, the creation of a virtuous and intelligent child. (2) Digging, unleash and foster the potential interests and talents of children who have not been developed. (3) Stimulate and foster leadership independent child, creative, and innovative from an early age with the Islamic values as the basis for the formation of his personality

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