Kadiksuh Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa FEB UB

Economics Sport and Talent
15 December 2015
15 December 2015

In general purpose to be achieved through Kadiksuh activity is to demonstrate the realization of the student’s role as an agent of change . With real student involvement in social activities , can show the presence of the student community by being surrounded society as agents of change . Specific objectives to be achieved is to share knowledge with children who are not capable , growing form of social sensitivity that should be owned by every student , and a positive impact for children in need, or to students themselves .

Broadly speaking Kadiksuh all activities can be done well . It can be seen from the implementation of the daily activities Kadiksuh every Friday at Sanggar Merah Putih . Activity which is a program of the Department Sosma work has been followed by the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya . It can be seen from the enthusiastic students in following the activities of this Kadiksuh . Additionally , Kadiksuh it self has made the students can have a sense of their environment. It can be seen from the enthusiasm of the students who participated in the Kadiksuh .
This enthusiasm can be seen from the participation of students in activities Kadiksuh as a volunteer . The participation of volunteers from the student apart Sosma Department staff very helpful so , kadiksuh activities can be accomplished smoothly . Kadiksuh in learning activities conducted by the division of labor for each volunteer and staff in the Department Sosma provide learning in accordance with level of education foster brothers . So learning is divided within each group according to his education starting from kindergarten , elementary to junior high school. In addition to formal education as their schools have been given , we also provide learning morals and manners such as through stories , videos , and a simple practice that is easy to apply by foster siblings . Hopefully, by the morals and manners of learning can make brothers not only smart foster academic field but also in the moral and intelligent character.
Kadiksuh implementation of the activities we have done , among others , the introduction of health education in the form of food and fruits are nutritious , how to maintain good hygiene and proper hand washing practices . In education we have done with the morality of storytelling experience that inspires , motivates watching movies , and many more activities that teach morality . In addition we are also trying to develop younger siblings foster creativity by training them to create an image , make origami crafts , writing letters , poems , and their ideals . This we do in order to foster brothers can channel their interests and talents so that they can know the talent they have .
In addition to the learning activities and we also provide assistance for the education advocacy foster brothers who have difficulty in continuing his school. Supporting with advocacy that we provide in the form of funds to go to school and support for intermediaries between parents and school authorities concerned. So the child can be educated that want gone and can ease the burden of parents of the their child .
The conclusion to be drawn here, Kadiksuh is a program which is very important both for students and the community . Influences that have been etched by Kadiksuh in the community is very beneficial and influence the thinking of the public will be given the student benefits , especially for their children . And for the students themselves , making them more be grateful on what they find at this time and more vibrant in the world take the course. We hope , Kadiksuh can still proceed further period and still provide positive effect for the community 

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