Kajian Ekonomi 2015 Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Ilmu Ekonomi 2015

24 November 2015
Muktamar CIES 2015 FEB UB
25 November 2015

Panel Discussion 1

Academics: Prof. Munawar, SE., DEA., Ph.D., explained that the investment is an capital planning given by individuals or companies or organizations both domestically and abroad. Factors that may affect the investment to be considered investors invest their capital are: natural resources, human resources, political stability and economic stability, which could ensure certainty in the attempt. Additionally there is a factor of government policy and lastly there is the ease factor in the investment license. In terms of foreign investment, there are several factors that contributed to the reluctance of investment in Indonesia. Factors that may be supporting the inclusion of investment flows into a country, such as security, political stability and legal certainty, it is becoming a problem for Indonesia. Even regional autonomy in Indonesia which is now considered to be applied to new problems in the investment activity in some areas. Investment here has a very important role in the economic development of the country, need to increase local investment and need for a strategy to attract foreign investment into Indonesia. The role of foreign investment in the process of economic development has been widely expressed in the literature of national economic development and regional economic development. Foreign capital flows between countries and between localities in the world will follow the dynamics of transnational corporations and global company which is facilitated by globalization and technological findings. Together with domestic investment and public investment, foreign investment is still the choice of strategies to take advantage of the momentum of economic recovery in Indonesia in the future. Thus, it is known that the strength of investment here is very important in economic development, need for increased awareness of investing and also need to be careful in making investments.





Practitioners: Mr. Maulana Yusuf of the OJK said that, in making an investment we must be careful and responsive, because the motive of investment fraud is currently quite a lot and had a lot of some of the victims of investment fraud reported to the OJK. If necessary we consult to the OJK or checks whether the institutions related to our investments into the OJK supervision or not. In short there must be a clear legal or not. At this discussion, the OJK stressed in the discussion of related investments as intelligently managing a prosperous future, it is said that against the law in the fund and investment management are not always subjected to a crime, but not in accordance with the legislation. In the legal institution with illegal organizations have the same risk in its business practice as well as in the mall practice. But the difference is the law protection. The law protection for illegal weaker than the law protection for legal protection, and also in terms of regulatory oversight, legal stronger than illegal. OJK’s supervision of investment itself is through investment managers, collective investment, individual investment and in portfolio securities or other investment. The types of investment products that are supervised by the OJK are: savings, deposits, stocks, and bonds. OJK also provide data tables that describe the type of investment that is often offered to the public, such as gold investment, foreign exchange, stocks, mining, credit, property and consumer goods. At the end of the discussion, Mr. Maulana Yusuf gives tips on investing: to know financial needs in the future, understand the financial products offered, understand the risks of financial products offered, avoid offer the promise of unfair advantage and if in doubt can contact the OJK for consulted beforehand.

Panel Discussion 2

Academics: Prof. Agus Suman, SE., DEA., Ph.D explained in the discussion that BUMDes or village-owned enterprises is a village business formed by the village government, whose capital ownership and managed by village governments and society. Rural businesses here are the type of business services for the rural economy such as, business services, distribution of nine basic commodities, agricultural trade, industry and handicrafts. BUMDes legal basis is Law No. 32 of 2004 (article 213), which contains: The village can establish BUMDes accordance with the needs and potential of the village. BUMDes guided by laws and regulations, and may make loans in accordance BUMDes’s laws and regulations. The purpose of the establishment of BUMDes itself is to improve PADes sources, providing services to the needs of the community, to reduce unemployment in rural areas, increase rural incomes, and reduce poverty.

Practitioner: Drs. R. Amaludin Hamsah as Chairman of the Sumber Sari Village explained during the discussion that in Sumber Sari itself, the business is growing very diverse, plus the condition is strategically surrounded by some of the top universities in Malang which caused the market share of the business developed in Sumber Sari be developing and customizing existing conditions. Furthermore, he said that the terms of the formation of BUMDes namely on the initiative of village government and community based village meeting, the potential economic business community, according to community needs, basic needs, village resources that have not been used optimally, especially wealth of the village, the availability of human resources, the business unit society and increase people’s income and PADes. Mr. Amaludin revealed that the fund 1 billion rupiah for the village is not so realized with the added bureaucracy village funds difficult. Therefore, there was a new policy that will be the trimming bureaucracy of the process of allocation of funds for the village, so that existing funds quickly into the village. For the future, BUMDes development will continue to be improved, starting from Malang, East Java and Indonesia. The Association of Chief of the Village and the Village will continue to be moved to make this development.

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