Organization Training Economics and Busines Dance Club
29 March 2016
Delegation for the Accounting Competition Indonesia Accounting Fair (IAF) 17
1 April 2016

Education is a right for all human beings . Man will never cease to learn. With the progress of time that continues to gro , or in the current era of globalization, education is one of the most important aspects in order to support the progress of a country. Including in developing countries like Indonesia. Education is a major gateway to become a developed country prosperous. For that education can create human resources that can compete in the country and outside the country of Indonesia.

In reality education in Indonesia can be said to be uneven, only people able to pursue higher education and decent. This is mean that feasible in the formal education that has full facilities. As for the poor, they can go through formal education like no other. However, they do not get the same facilities or rather completeness. This is all due to the high cost of education in Indonesia. There are also many children in Indonesia who can not take a formal education because of the high cost of education, and they have to work early to help parents to look for money. Therefore, the student’s role as an agent of change plays an important role in the improvement of business education in Indonesia in order to realize intelligent Indonesian children without cost constraints.

Because of that, Executive Board of Faculty Ecnomics and Business to celebrate KADIKSUH to help poor children. In Studio White Red, we have learning process with them. We try to help them on subject academics in formal school. Beside of that, we teach them on subject non academics like health education, character edication, ect. We also have fun activities like making craft to help them finding money with their selves.

To make them not boring, we as Executive Board and volunteers also have outbond activities, outside Studio White and Red. So, we teach them how to teamwork with their friends.

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