KM FEB DAY 1 (15th) Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business

5 August 2015
ECOLYMPICS 2015 HMJIE tema “DOWANTORY” (Endowment, Ant,Victory)
6 August 2015


Exactly the day Sunday, June 7th, 2015, BEM FEB 2015 is proud to conducting KM FEB DAY 1 is a series commemorating First Instance Student solidarity. This activity was followed by 18 LO and LSO Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. Housed in the basement of the Faculty of Economics and Business, pitch, middle, and bottom, KM FEB DAY 1 held vigorously started at 07.00 am until 14.00 pm. This activity is organized in order to foster a spirit of solidarity with students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, according jargon pride.

FEB ONE SOUL! No doubt, this jargon is not nonsense, but BEM FEB together Family Student Faculty of Economics and Business Endeavor in organizing this event as vibrant as possible. Before starting the program, there is a speech from the President of the Student Executive and Executive Chairman KM FEB DAY 1. This activity is jointly performed with many traditional and modern games. Because it is believed, a game can foster close cooperation between institutions, so that there is no longer the best view of the institution or the best yet. This show of unity in order to provide awareness raising, that institutions are equally upheld in complement each other. None of the strongest or the strongest yet, because this game makes members blend into a single agency in implementing the game, such as water games, game fishing catfish, fishing game coins, eat Bulaga, and others that make the atmosphere Sunday was boisterous with laughter, laughter and jokes. Additionally, compactness also tested in this event, because all the games drain sense of cooperation, solidarity, sensitivity, and other characters that must be possessed when plunging into the community. In this event, the organizers KM FEB DAY 1 working hard to wrap the event attractive, comfortable, and sesejahtera possible, although there is a shortage. Nevertheless, the comments of participants KM FEB DAY 1 was surprising, that the event which was held very interesting and nice to be followed in subsequent years. No doubt, all the hard work, tears, and laughter dedicate this event to change a winning smile that will not be replaced by anything as long as a Family Student Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya.

At 13:00 pm, all the participants gathered in the basement to listen to the announcement of the winner of each branch of the game, and was delivered by a large team of KM FEB DAY 1 with an assortment of surprise gifts. Applause and laughter keenly felt when it was announced the winner of eat Bulaga, because this game is the highlight of the game. After the announcement of the winner, the committee has prepared balloons containing gifts for release balon. Happy session once! As a symbol of the Faculty of Economics and Business, FEB ONE SOUL! Both from the committee and participants vote, expected this event can garner unity in lectures and organization so as to bring the Faculty of Economics and Business towards a better rate. Cause FEB ONE SOUL, is one purpose and heart, body and soul that drives the move towards change and generation of better and better.

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