KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) 2016

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10 June 2016
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23 June 2016

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 which is the anniversary of KM FEB 16th year. This activity can also be used as a means silahturahmi in the Student Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 organized by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (BEM FEB UB). KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 is the work program of the Internal Affairs Division Diplomacy (HDI), the Public Relations Department, BEM FEB.

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 was held on Saturday, June 4, 2016 last. The event was quite festive. The event runs from 07.30 am to 12.00 am. Not unlike the previous years, KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) 2016 was held in the campus environment FEB UB itself, namely in the Lower Square, Central Square, Basement, until UKM’s Front Square (around the banyan tree).

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) 2016 aims to establish a good relationship and glue the entire family ties between students good relations between individuals and between organizations / institutions. With the implementation of this activity, is expected to be built up a good relationship between all KM FEB so that the realization of good coordination and synergy in realizing KM FEB better and can fulfill our responsibilities as a student in the noble task of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 has been held smoothly. KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 was quite festive. Attended by almost all representatives of each agency in FEB UB. The total participants who took part in this event around 116. Of the approximately 27 committee committee were present along with 4 Steering Committee (SC). For the participants, the total reached 83 participants from agency representatives FEB. Although the event takes place on Saturday the weekend, ahead of a quiet holiday week, but it did not dampen the spirit of participants for this event. This activity is filled with a variety of exciting and memorable race. There are four types of competitions namely watermelon coin, guess the song contest, sempol eating contest, and Eat Bulaga. All the participants formed into groups of games for competing in the games. This competition is very exciting, enjoyable, and memorable. Once the race is finished, proceed with the symbolic cutting cone by the Chief Executive were granted to the Chairman of BEM FEB. After cutting cone followed by a meal with the whole family in the Basement Students FEB. While eating together, participants were also entertained by performers who are also from institutions and KM FEB UB. Theme this time featuring traditional dances from institutions EDC, the band’s performance of institutions Homeband, and the appearance of the EGO institutions. The top event KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) 2016 closed with closure, halal bi halal, and picture the whole family Students FEB.

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