"To become a leading center of excellence in developing and promoting high-quality Islamic economic concepts and applications through innovative and effective learning methods."


1. To Promote ethical and sustainable economic practices through critical, creative, and innovative thinking in organizing Islamic economic activities


2. To undertake research, community service, and other scientific activities to advance the development of applied economics within the domain of Islamic economics.


3. To inspire, enlighten, and empower civil society through innovative laboratory activities that promote the advancement of knowledge and skills in Islamic Economics.


"Take a small action today to improve upon yesterday.."


Islamic Economics Laboratory

Business Unit

The laboratory's business unit will utilize laboratory activities as a source of income by conducting training and workshop series related to the advancement of Islamic Economics for lecturers and the general public. Additionally, students will participate in routine activities to implement Financial Intermediaries as a means of providing training in financial businesses that align with Islamic principles.

Non Business Unit

The laboratory engages in non-business activities, including training sessions and in-depth workshops that promote the advancement of Islamic Economics.

Islamic Finance Workshop Series

This workshop deals with the activities of presenting material about Islamic finance accompanied by practitioners who present three speakers with a discussion of different material at one time (3in1). This Islamic finance series is carried out routinely according to a targeted schedule six times in one period. Regarding the implementation mechanism, the Islamic finance workshop is divided into two activities, namely seminars and training. The seminar was held four times, while the training was held twice.