Arabic Course

The Program Intensif Aplikatif Kajian Literatur Ekonomi Islam Berbahasa Arab (PIALA) is a program aimed at guiding senior Islamic economics students to be able to read original fiqh muamalah literature in Arabic, in order to prepare them for completing their thesis or final project

This program was created due to the fact that not all Islamic economics students are proficient in Arabic, and some of them come from non-Islamic schools.

The program consists of two classes, A and B, which are distinguished by each student's potential. The students are enthusiastic about participating in this program because it is taught by experienced lecturers in the field, and it includes both theoretical and practical aspects of reading Arabic references to be used as thesis literature.

The PIALA program covers several sub-discussions, such as introducing the character of Arabic texts, practical Arabic word forms (shorof), practical Arabic sentence structure (nahwu), translating simple Arabic texts, and understanding Arabic paragraphs. All of these sub-discussions are comprehensively covered in the program, unlike in regular classes where only the material is taught and there is a lack of interaction. Registration link:





May 15, 2023

Meeting 1st


May 25, 2023

Meeting 2nd


June 05, 2023

Meeting 3rd


June 10, 2023

Meeting 4th


June 20, 2023

Practical exam 1st


July 01, 2023

Meeting 5th


July 10, 2023

Meeting 6th


July 28, 2023

Meeting 7th


August 05, 2023

Practical exam 2nd

Coaching Clinic : Fiqih Muamalah

This is a program that provides consultation/counseling services in the field of Fiqh Muamalah practice


For example, it helps students solve case studies or problems related to Fiqh, such as a student who transacts at a bank and is unsure about the contract used or other cases related to muamalah, so they can consult through the Coaching Clinic program.

There are several stages to follow in this program, namely:

  • Lab Ekis team will provide a G-form containing the student's general information and the schedule for Coaching sessions.
  • After that, students will fill out the form and select a Coaching session schedule that they can attend.
  • Students will then mention/explain the topic or problem they want to consult.
  • Then, the Lab Ekis team will check the form filled out by the student, then discuss the student's problem so that they can provide a comprehensive answer during the Coaching session.
  • Students come to laboratorium to discuss their problem

The goal of this program is to facilitate students who have weak understanding of fiqh and only master theory without practice, so that the program can help students overcome real problems not only in theory but also in practical experience. Registration link:

Schedule :

Islamic Finance Workshop Series

This workshop deals with the activities of presenting material about Islamic finance accompanied by practitioners who present three speakers with a discussion of different material at one time (3in1)

This Islamic finance series is carried out routinely according to a targeted schedule six times in one period. Regarding the implementation mechanism, the Islamic finance workshop is divided into two activities, namely seminars and training. The seminar was held four times, while the training was held twice.

            The purpose of this activity is to increase literacy around Islamic finance, analyze Islamic finance issues, and train participants' soft skills in the direct application of Islamic finance. This activity is carried out according to the situation and conditions both online and offline. In addition, this program targets the number of participants who attend a minimum of seventy students from economics and business faculties, especially Islamic economics. Then, to assess the success of this program a quiz will be given around the material that has been presented with an average half of the participants answering 70% of the questions correctly.

            This workshop is in the form of a series with the theme "Islamic Financial for Better Future Capital Market Stereotypes" with each series bringing material based on that friend. Meanwhile, speakers will be presented both on a national and international scale. Registration link:





May 12, 2023

Seminar 1st


June 9, 2023

Seminar 2nd


August 25, 2023

Training 1st


September 15, 2023

Seminar 3rd


October 20, 2023

Seminar 4th


November 17, 2023

Training 2nd

Islamic Capital Market School

The Islamic Capital Markets School is an experimental program that concentrates on designing and assessing financial instruments and markets in accordance with the doctrines of Islamic finance. Sharia law forms the basis of Islamic finance, which forbids specific financial practices such as charging or receiving interest (riba), engaging in transactions with excessive uncertainty (gharar), and participating in speculative or gambling activities (maisir).