Launching Majalah Indikator 48

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19 May 2016
Delegasi Artefac Dance Competition 2016 Economics And Busines Dance Club Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya
19 May 2016

As an institution of the press , of course Indikator has the lead role as an society intermediary to obtain and distribute information and education. Based on the Musyawarah Anggota Tahunan Indikator  XXX, this year Indikator has a target to publish at least one magazine . Magazine 48th edition which has been waiting have been published, and the indikator will be immediately worked for Magazine 49th edition.

Launching of Indikator Magazine held to introduce media to a wide audience , especially the residents of Malang and academics of FEB UB. Thus, through launching we expect thah Indikator’s products can be absorbed as a whole as well as the existence of LPM Indikator maintained in the community .

Name Of Activity

Launching Majalah Indikator 48

The Cornerstone Activity

Musyawarah Anggota Tahunan Indikator XXX


  • The existence of Indikator as the Student Press Agency
  • Running LPM Indikator function at the Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Provide information related to global issues in economics
  • Accommodate the aspirations of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya

Event themes

PELRA As a Sub – system of the Indonesian Shipping Transport

Forms Of Activity

The official launch of Indikator magazine 48th edition

Implementation Activities

Date of implementation        : Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Venue                                   : Auditorium Building D Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya

Target Activity

Absorption of magazines by 70% of the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya

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