(Indonesia) KPPI dan FEB UB Selenggarakan Sosialisasi Tindakan Pengamanan Perdagangan
27 May 2015
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28 May 2015

On the Economic Leaders Work Program Student Executive Board of the Department of Human Sources Internal Division, which was held on 16-17 May 2015 in hall A3 building A Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. With participant activity is Internal members of FEB UB BEM period of 2015. With the purpose of the management of these activities, provide an understanding of everything concerning BEM BEM FEB, Instilling professional work attitude and personal Forming BEM FEB responsible, committed, and have leadership that high.

May 16, 2015 at 14:00 pm, the event was held in the hall of the building A3 A faculty of Economics and Business at the start with Mini Briefing Project, which is where the Mini Project will be presented on Sunday. After the briefing continued with material All Beman, in which the material containing the significance of the Student Executive is not exclusive Students conveyed by the Chairman of BEM FEB 2014 period is Estu Superior Drajat. After the material on BEM in submitting Asr prayer break. After that the material on leadership, material which will form and issuing a leader within the organization BEM FEB UB, which is conveyed by Rizka Zuhriani Princess. Once in the matter of FMEI (Student Study Economic Forum) that consist 6 Famous University in Indonesia, including the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya in it, conveyed by M. Grebli Maliki. After getting meteri, further activities play small games and events on Saturday concluded with a joint evaluation and awarding punishment to participants who violate the rules.
May 17, 2015 At 7:30 pm. The event began with a presentation Mini Project that has been conveyed on Saturday. Presentation of local wisdom in Malang, with mengaangkat how to improve the local tourism revenue. After that the material further management action submitted by MCW (Malang Corruption Watch) about how to act is good and right without causing chaos or anarchist frequently mentioned. After the material on Advocacy by M. Abdi dhi I in which describes how to advocate that occur in the environment at the time the student back to the original role of a BEM FEB UB.

After it is Application of the material that has been obtained starting from Saturday until the most recent advocacy materials. That where staff BEM FEB divided into two groups to be a student to conduct hearings to the Deanery, the discussion about the UKT, and staff UKT BEM which overcome the problems posed by students of FEB UB. Results obtained several staff BEM less familiar with the Advocacy issue. This was followed by the last material Emmotinal Intelligence, lobying and Team Work, yany conveyed by Wily Ariwiguna. Activity on this day closed with a self reflection that took place in the Central Parking Lot BEM FEB UB. (ags)

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