Ulasan tentang “Summarizing and Critic” dalam Ordik Pascasarjana FEB UB 2016
5 September 2016
Revolusi Mental, Jalan Tengah Membangun Entreprenuer Muda Berdaya Saing di Era MEA
6 September 2016


The college’s institution as a part of national education system has a duty to develop science and technology based on nowdays’ and future’s need. Collage’s life is an academic community whom the people live in a scientific atmosphere. The research and intelectual activity has become very important as a part of science and technology development, also as a part of society who has big responsibility to become good human resources and to thrive the nation. College’s environment is a scientific society community which there is transfer of knowledge in it. The transfer of knowledge process is the first way for university students to be ready before living amidst the outside of college’s society. But, the few numbers of university students who interest in reasearch and intelectual activity has become a contradictive from what college’s life is meant for above. So by those considerations above, Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi (LSME) as the only organization of research and intelectual activity in Economics and Business faculty of Brawijaya University in its aimed to teach the members as a part of cadrezation process and attempt to give knowledges to be actively include in research and intelectual activity through “LSME’s Internal Training & Socialization (Lintas) Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya Periode  2016” activity.

Lintas 2016 will have a big theme called LEGEND (legenda). In hope the participants who would have participated in LINTAS 2016 become a legend with their written and reserach creation. Followed by yells to emphasize the big theme of Lintas 2016 which is we are the legend. Meanwhile the tagline of lintas 2016 is enjoy your jurney, get your idea and achive your goals. The tagline shows that writing and creating is not difficult because by enjoying the journey of good living through ups or downs, many new ideas will be discovered, and in hope all those creative and solutive ideas could be implemented and would be useful in daily life.

The purpose of conducted Lintas 2016 is to enhance the knowledges and sciences of new members in reasearch and intelectually activity, growing the interest of participants in writing research, and to know and to understand the good meaning of researches’ methodology.

The agenda of Lintas 2016 will be held in 4 days. The first day is Training Organization (TO), the purpose of it is to welcome the Lintas 2016 and to introduce themselves (participants) to enhance the togetherness of each of new members. TO will be held on september 24 of 2016 in the Economics and Business faculty’s yard. Following the second day of Lintas is Lintas 1 (the basis coaching of new members LSME 2016) and Lintas II (taking a surve to see the problems in field), both activity will be held on october 2nd of 2016 in the hall of A3 building and Jodipan. The 3rd day is Pra Lintas III (Focus Grup Discussion-Preparation of results’ presentation) that held on october 16 of 2016 in the hall of A3 bulding. And for the last agendas is Lintas III (presentation of results and inauguraton of LSME members) on October 30 of 2016 in the hall of A3 building.  The participants of Lintas 2016 are the new or the previous university students of FEB UB who have taken registration form in the stand of LSME in KM FEB 2 of 5-6 september of 2016. The agenda is a work program of LSME(Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi) FEB UB under the authority of SDM department.

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