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19 May 2015
Prof. Munawar Ph. D. : Kesadaran Domestik Terkait Investasi Harus Ditingkatkan
21 May 2015

Management Competition Faculty of Economics, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta is one of the biggest annual competition event management in Indonesia, which has been ongoing since 1998. More than fifteen years of operation and has involved almost from all universities in Indonesia. More than 45 teams from various universities in Indonesia have signed up to the competition in 2014. In the implementation Management Competition has a different theme each year. The theme of each year shall be adjusted to the actual economic problems that are well within the scope of nasionl, regional, and local. Economic problems tersebutakan dipecahakan with management principles that have been the subject of student studies management. Implementation of Management Competition in this year will certainly be very interesting and challenging students to be able to produce solutions that are actual economic problems.

The competition aims to hone the ability of students in creativity to solve problems (problem solving) with a managerial approach. Moreover, this activity is also intended to train students in working together to find solutions within a team. Each team member is expected to cooperate in solving problems given. Problems to be solved by the participants is a concrete problem / real / real of a company and certain areas that have been set. See parts of Indonesia’s rich and broad and has a large population, does not guarantee the entire population live in prosperity. There are still many areas that do not have economic activity for the community sekitar.Masih many areas of natural resources and human resources have not been optimized to the maximum.

Filtering is done on prospective teams from all universities in Indonesia by sending questions via email prakompetisi each team. Then netted sixteen teams to follow a series of events Management Competition at the University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Shape of the race through three competitions, namely kloter debate, Problem Solving, and Completion of a case that occurred in the neighborhood.


Technical Meeting (Selasa, 5 Mei 2015)

Competition I (Rabu, 6 Mei 2015)

Competition II (Kamis, 7 Mei 2015)

Feasibility Trip (Jumat, 8 Mei 2015)

Competition IV (Sabtu, 9 Mei 2015)

Declaration Night ((Sabtu, 9 Mei 2015)

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