Ekonoweeks Untar 2017
20 June 2017
The work program of Ebbrau “ Routine Training 1”
20 June 2017


Media Kreatif dan Informasi is a work program in HMJIE is an activity that is carried out during the management process and started in June – November 2017. This activity is done in making bulletins, wall magazines set, and search information from print and electronic media. Besides making bulletin articles, this activity is also a form of layout design, which is processed from various internal and external sources. The density of existing lecture schedules and endless student bustle provide stamina and endurance are balanced and strong and high mentality, with the holding of this event may be helpful for students who like to organize and manifest themselves to be self-confident and full of sacrifice and responsibility to its task. The purpose and purpose of this activity is as a medium of communication, as a source of information of all activities that exist in Economics and HMJ IE department, and as a medium of transparency in the activities in HMJ IE to expect all students of Economics is not lack of information.

Bulletin is one of the activities of MEDIA KREATIF DAN INFORMASI 2017. This activity is the agenda of the beginning of the event as a means of explanation of activities. The launch of the Inaugural Bulletin will begin in June 2017 with the accompanying Wall Magazine. And then the launch of the second Bulletin and Wall Magazine will be held in November 2017. In this Bulletin will provide information for the students of Economics Sciences so that information from majors and institutions can be delivered well to all students of Economics.

Wall Magazine is a form of activity of both MEDIA KREATIF DAN INFORMASI 2017. This activity starts from the beginning of activity until the end of activity which executed on June – November 2017. That way not only distribute information through Bulletin only information for student of Economics can be channeled also through Wall Magazine .


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