(Indonesia) Selamat untuk tim basket putra FEB UB juara 1 dan tim basket putri juara 2 dalam Olimpiade UB pada tgl 29 September 2015
30 September 2015
2 October 2015

FMEI or hereinafter called the Student Economic Forum Indonesia is a forum initiated by the Executive Board 8 Faculty of Economics at various universities in Indonesia. Currently FMEI in the year-6 has a member of the UI, UNIBRAW, ubuntu, IPB, UGM, UNS, UNY, UNSRI. FMEI that

has a function as a forum contributions and active participation and solution-from students to respond and contribute to the various issues or problems as a manifestation of Indonesia’s economic precepts 3rd of Tridharma namely, Community Service

Therefore, it is necessary for the physical gathering for the entire faculty Economics FMEI members in discussing the performance evaluation, action plan, and also the members of the Strategic Plan FMEI in realizing its vision, which is a forum for students of the Indonesian economy which contributes to the phenomenon of active and solution-Indonesian economy.

The physical meeting FMEI the 2nd will be held at UB. Fakutlas Economics and Business UniversitasBrawijaya to host FMEI seeks to contribute to building a culture of thinking scientifically, as a form of contribution FEB UB in building Intellectual Members FMEI and upgrade the quality of economic studies in particular as a form of active and solution-to the phenomenon of the Indonesian Economy

Purpose and objectives

In general, the objectives to be achieved through these activities is to improve the intellectual and cultural scientific thinking FMEI members in upgrading economic studies as a form of active and solution-to make contributions to the Indonesian Economy phenomenon. ,

The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity

that is:

  1. The creation of strengthening the scientific and cultural thinking Intelktual quality FMEI members
  2. Realization of active and solution-student role in the economic development of Indonesia
  3. The achievement of applicative solutions which are beneficial to the welfare of the Indonesian people
  4. As well as the means of unifying container economics student movement kolktif Indonesia
  5. The establishment of a good relationship and intact with the government and mass media

Implementation of Activities

No Time Execution Place of Execution
1 Implementation of the day-to-1 Auditorium Building F Hotel Ubud, Malang Ubud, Malang
Friday, October 9, 2015
2 Implementation of the day-to-2 Auditorium Building F Hotel Ubud, Malang Malang

Contact Person

  1. Fathur (085718988430)
  2. Wandy (08112815620)
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