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4 November 2016
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4 November 2016


Center for Islamic Economics Studies (CIES) as an Institution Autonomous Area in the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya want to contribute in disseminating information and knowledge, particularly in relation to the field of Islamic Economics for the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB-UB ).

MIT (Information Media and Telecommunications) CIES has a work program that MIT SYIA’AR consisting of CIES Magz and Islamic economics magazine, to date has published and running almost the last 5 years during CIES management turnover from year to year. And do not forget Mading CIES as a means of updating the latest info about the activities of CIES, FoSSEI and economic issues of the Islamic current.

With the CIES Magz, Mading CIES is expected to attempt to enrich the discourse of readers by presenting information, knowledge, news related to the economic development of Islam. The aims and objectives of the MIT syi’ar to present information and discourse objective and accurate knowledge related to the entire Islamic economics and academy Faculty of Brawijaya with the theme of our activities is “Inspiring Da, wah with creativity”. The activities form the shape editorial meeting, search and resource request, coverage and interviews, writing and publication. CIES magazine published in November while Magz CIES published one month from April to November.

MIT (Information Media and Telecommunications) has a target of achieving that is absorbed and Mading CIES CIES Magz BY 80% of the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. And has a miraculous structure of the event that has been determined in advance. MIT syi’ar is our biggest proker d MIT that runs long enough to finish perode stewardship.

MIT syi’ar work program starts from selecting a person in charge of Magz and Mading CIES. This is done because jobdesk of each is different. To CIES Magz after the election of a person in charge then began to proceed with the editorial meeting, where for the first meeting discussed the division of duties among staf MIT along with exposure jobdesk start of the determination of the main theme, the search for the source, writing articles, to the layout of the magazine, which PJ CIES Magz own divide it into three divisions, namely Reporter, Editor, and layouter. The theme that we stretcher is Islamic entrepreneurship, because the entrepreneurial spirit is high for young people, especially Muslims so that the need for specific guidelines for the entrepreneurs of the Muslims. While in Mading formerly CIES determined Mading first initial concept to be made as to what, such as its shape and layout Mading. The theme of the beginning of the stretcher is about the Fiqh Muamalah contract.

Continues at the editorial meeting to two, the discussion began deepened magazine content into search sub-topics. The main theme of Islamic entrepreneurship, subdivided into several sub-topics that bahasannya deeper. This applies to the content of other magazines such as discussion of CIES and discussion of Islamic economics in general. The role of reporter and layouter start empowered with the distribution of content to be written and began to enter the construction stage. Talk about Mading CIES, has begun installing in place Mading content belongs CIES.

The core of the editorial meeting agenda is to monitor the progress of the three respective divisions Reporter and layouter since has entered the construction stage. At that time we experienced obstacles that we can not anticipate, namely the slow processing of the Reporter article. This can result in the identification of his lack of drive reporter writing the articles, as well as the experience to write articles that are less. Although it has been collecting written materials, but the language is still stiff. At the end of this delay affect the other divisions, particularly Division layouter new yag jobdesk can do it after the article is finished. Constraints also begin to experience Mading CIES. Her no further progress due to his lack of emphasis on employment for the staff of his so make Mading CIES had been halted.

Entering the new semester, Mading CIES has been no further progress has entered the holiday remembering previous semester and until the time of editorial meetings to three. As for CIES air Magz can still progress because of its flexible labor. At this time of Magz CIES remains the problem of delay in delivery of the finished article, but not so. Although it had been warned several times but has yet to make the reporter to complete as soon as practicable. This started a little helped by the presence intern CIES 2016, especially interns bureau MIT. The emergence of the idea of PJ CIES Magz to Training Magazine (istillah for an intern to assist MIT magazine content creation process), and this is really a good decision. Apart from being one way to get closer to the interns and permanent staff, will also be a development of soft skills training. From 9 intern MIT, PJ CIES Magz divide it into two groups. Then the task of each group make its own arrangement corresponding division that already exist within the structure of CIES Magz, such as division Reporter, Editor, and layouter.

This continued in the fourth editorial meeting, the group has continued to conduct training magazine content creation process. Article after article has begun ready to go in the stage layout. Although still slow in progress, but it began to appear that the CIES Magz expectations will rise. At this same time in addition to monitoring the progress of each division of the magazine, also started printing a magazine survey that sesusai budget. CIES Magz recommend printing spot which is located at Jl. Raya Bandulan, the Friends of Printing & Invitation. Do not need long to cooperate with the printing. Party CIES Magz, rather PJ CIES Magz will attempt to enter the stage of printing at the end of the month of October. As for Mading CIES alone, having known that PJ Mading CIES that directly convey that it can no longer to continue the work that has been entrusted, then the re-election of PJ Mading new CIES. CIES hopes Mading task can be carried back.
Currently it is not entered in november on target late in the completion of the work program syi’ar MIT. The next target of PJ CIES Magz is started visiting the printing press back on 31 September 2016 to re-negotiate and enter the stage of printing. As for Mading CIES, is still to be developed rises again in november, given the largely permanent staff and an intern (which will be included its contribution) was taking care of many things like day-h other work programs and PKM started intensified the FEB.

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