Frame Your Ideas 2017: “Do Good Things And Share With People”
7 September 2017
PMIE FEB UB Tunjukkan Continues Improvement Tahun 2017 Saat Kaizen Report ABEST21
10 September 2017

In order to welcome the great activities of the student press all over Indonesia, the XI National Student Working Congress of the Student Press Association. Local organizing committee that PPMI DK Bali took the initiative to hold a companion event of National Talk Show and Persma Fair: Kawikan. This companion event was held to enliven the gathering of Student Press delegates all over Indonesia. Persma Fair: This kawikan is a gathering of campus press enthusiasts from Sabang to Marauke. From this event is very clear, the participants who come from LPM (Student Press Agency) will present represent the LPM respectively. In addition, the activities of the National Talk Show on the theme of “Still Public Frequency for Public?” In Persma Fair: Kawikan there are also some competitions in terms of writing blogs, websites, and magazines. It is intended to provide space for creativity to every human persma in using the media as a tool to provide information to the public. From that case, Persma Fair: This kawikan held as a competing medium of media owned by delegates from each region. Persma Fair: Kawikan itself, is one of the routine agenda with different name, and must exist at LPM delegation all over Indonesia.

            As one of the delegations of Malang Student Association of Malang City, the General Staff and Administration is assigned to represent the General Leader of LPM Indicator in the external sphere in Malang city or national scope. Time: Thursday to Sunday, April 20-23, 2017. Venue: Kampus Institute Hindu Dharma Negeri Denpasar, Jalan RatnaqNomor51, Tonja Sub-district, East Denpasar Sub-district, Denpasar.

            Targeted Activities: Increasing synergy in Student Press Agency, Increasing the sense of responsibility in guarding the national issue, Formulate the direction and pattern of motion PPMI in the next period, Improve PPMI’s work program to be implemented jointly in all LPM Indonesia. Delegation Team: Genta Fikri Hardiansah (Student of Economics Department), Hamdi Prakarsa. (Student of Management Department), Abdul Hakim Imaduddin Nasution. (Student Management Department).

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