Musyawarah Umum Economics and Business Dance Club (MUMEDC)

25 October 2016
Let’s Rock The K-Pop World
25 October 2016

Art and art is a part of every human being, because basically every human being has the ability to art in itself. Humans are given the ability to think by the Almighty God so that humankind can cultivate creativity, taste and intention to work in a complex shape that culture.

Along with the times, we are certainly aware that our culture is not only more purely cultural roots Indonesia, but there may be assimilated to the culture of other nations. It is not something to worry about, because it can enrich the culture of Indonesia. Nevertheless, we still need the values of civilization of a scientific nature. Those values can be interpreted as an example of early human culture and serve as a basis for the creation of the appearance of a new form of creation. Surely basic new creations must rest on the roots of cultural and aesthetic values of the local culture. So from a variety of regional culture of the Indonesian nation, can be formed assortment of dance creations. This is a manifestation of the responsibility to preserve the national culture.

As one of the autonomous agencies that are within the scope of the Student Executive UB’s Faculty of Economics and Business, Economic and Business Dance Club (EDC) to have participated in any arts and cultural activities organized by Untittled Production Indonesia. Competitions are an opportunity for EDC to indicate the presence and capabilities, as well as to test the creativity of the members of the EDC. Starting from these desires, then EDC seeks to lift up the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business can maintain what has been achieved previously.


“Public Deliberation EDC”


  1. Concern Faculty of Economics and Business in developing and preserving the art and culture of the nation
  2. Making students of the Faculty of Economics and Business as a human being active, creative and inovstis in preserving the nation’s cultural values dynamically and civilized
  3. To foster and educate the sense of teamwork, a sense of unity and solidarity among students
  4. Enhancing creativity and imagination EDC has been achieved


MUM EDC is implemented on,

Date    : Saturday, November 27, 2016

Time    : 9:00 a.m to 02:00 pm

Venue  : Hall Building A, 3rd floor of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya

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