"No Thanks Without Cares" PASKAH BERSAMA KMK FEB UB 2016

Musyawarah Kerja INDIKATOR XXX 2016
7 April 2016
Work Programme and Advocacy Department of Student Welfare Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
7 April 2016

Easter is the celebration of the highly anticipated big day – forward for Catholics. The celebration of Easter is done to commemorate the resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ. On this joyous moment, is expected to be a time of love for mankind and in everyday life, so it built up a family atmosphere among the members of society.

In keeping with the theme of the celebration of Easter this year, our Family Catholic Students of the Faculty of Business Economics Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB KMK) tried to celebrate with delights in simplicity in welcoming the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a citizen of the church and the community, we want to increase the role and concern for the community, especially on campus.

In addition, the celebration of Easter this year is a bridge that connects the sense of fraternity in KMK FEB UB in order to realize mutual love and fraternity are to participate actively in the community college environment.


Day, date: Saturday, April 30, 2016

Points: Orphanage Villa Cherry, Batu

Time: pk. 09:00 – pk. 12:00


Aditya Febriyanto                               08562825075

Maria Ekrista Oktaviana Dewi           087886760039

Brigita Pratiwi                                     08979511557

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