Organization Training 2017: PASTI SERU (Profesional, Aspiratif, Interaktif, Etika, Semangat Perubahan)

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23 May 2017
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24 May 2017


The development of science and technology is growing every year. It is affect on lifestyle and mind of every human being. On the other hand, it would also increase creativity and innovation in every aspect of human life. With the innovative and creative nature of every human being’s hopefully it can provide influence and a good change for the future. Therefore, student as the future generation is expected to develop their creativity and innovative to achieve that goal. Because, it could help the student to be more active and productive to provide their surrounding.

Organization provide the student to improve their skill or anything they had and It can help them to more responsible and professional for their act. On the other hand, it can provide the positive influence to help the student in their social life and it can help them to organize themselves. Whether in academic subject or non academic subject.

Therefore, based on daily board meeting HMJ IE FEB UB, it decided to held organization training as the first step to help the student to achieve their goal. Whether in improving their soft skill or hard skill and to inculcate good habits, responsibility, and professional to team or organization, social life, or themselves.

By theme “PASTI SERU (Profesional, Aspiratif, Interaktif, Etika, Semangat Perubahan)” it is expected to achieve the objectives of this activity is the general objective to be achieved through these activities is to increase the participation of students, especially administrators HMJ IE FEB-UB period of 2017 in developing a personal mandate to carry out his duties in a container of the institution or organization so that the image HMJ IE FEB-UB forward is expected to be increasing.

The event series of Organization Training 2017 was held on Saturday, March 4 and March 11, 2017 at the Hall D Building FEB UB. The first series of events began at 07.30, which is the registration of participants and the opening of speeches of the Chairman of the Organization of Training 2017, namely Mohammad Fahriyansah, Chairman of the Student Association Department of Economics Muhammad Fikri, as well as remarks Chairman of the Department of Economics Bapak Dwi Budi Santoso, SE., MS ., Ph.D which represented by Mr. Aji Purba Trapsila, SE.I., ME.I.

After that, the event was continued with the first session material delivered by Willy Ariwiguna. The first session material is about Success Function which include 4 life skills that are vision determination, analytical solving, activity management and comprehensive communication. After the first session material, participants do an ice breaking to refresh their mind. Then after the ice breaking is complete, the material is continued. The second material was delivered by Muhammad Fikri which is The Chairman of the Student Association of Economic Science 2017. The material was about HMJ IE which includes understanding the basics of HMJ IE, the vision of HMJ IE mission,  the established of HMJ IE, instilling leadership, soul that must be owned by a student, As well as provide motivation and spirit for HMJ IE boarders to get to a better HMJ IE. After the second session material has finished then continue with lunch, then briefing OT in second week and closing. The first Organization Training event ended at 2pm.

Then the second series of events was held on March 11, 2017. The second series of events was held in Hall D Building FEB UB and started at 08.00 for registration of participants. Next, the event was continued with the opening and division of groups for outbound activities. Outbound was held at 09.00. There are four posts that each group must pass. Each group is given games that have the essence of organization, the goal is to increase solidarity of all members of HMJ IE, instill a sense of brotherhood and increase the sense of belonging between all members of HMJ IE 2017. After outbond, the participants directly directed to clean and ISHOMA before proceeding to the next material which is Sharing history of HMJ IE. This material is delivered by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of HMJ IE 2016 namely Arief Setyowidodo and Prima Rahmadhani.

After the material sharing history HMJ IE, the event was followed by Forum Group Discussion. In this Forum Group Discussion, participants are divided into 8 groups which have a different role; government, community, students, environmentalist, investors, and fishermen. The theme of the Forum Group Discussion is the Jakarta Bay Reclamation moderated by Mohammad Reza Pahlevi which is the Head Deputy of the Research Department HMJ IE 2017. In this discussion, it is expected that the participants can play an active role in conveying their opinions. After the Forum Group Discussion is complete, the next activity is the ashar congregational prayer and proceed with the performing arts performances from each group. Each group has different performances, some of which feature drama, singing, poetry and others. After all the group performs, the event continued with the announcement of outbound winners, art performances, and the reading of the pledge of HMJ IE 2017.

The reading of the HMJ IE pledge was pronounced jointly led by the Chairman of HMJ IE 2017, the reading of this pledge reflects the seriousness of the commitment to the HMJ IE 2017, and the event concludes by cutting the cone by all active organizers as well as photo sessions together. The second event of the Organization Training ended at 18:00. The goal to be achieved has been realized with the holding of this Organization Training event. While the specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are:

  1. Provide Student Association board of IE understanding of everything about HMJ IE.
  2. Cultivating an attitude of professionalism in the workplace as well kinship.
  3. Establish a personal board of Student Association IE responsible, committed, and have a high leadership.
  4. Increase the motivation and morale of the board HMJ IE.
  5. Improve and develop the potential of HMJ IE.
  6. Instill solidity and loyalty towards HMJ IE.
  7. Cultivating tradition of critical thinking and balanced in the organization
  8. Improving skill in organizing committee.
  9. Increase the sense of fraternity and cooperation among members HMJ IE.
  10. Promoting a sense of belonging to the board of HMJ IE.

Contact Person

  • Muhammad Fikri (081232324237).
  • Mohammad Fahriyansah (085733355766).
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