Organization Training (OT) Homeband Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya

9 June 2017
Selamat, Komisioner OJK
15 June 2017


  Organizaton Training is one of the work programs of Homeband Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya which is devoted to the introduction of the environment and organizational culture to the new members year 2016. Other goals to be achieved including the development of the ability of the members both in terms of softskill and hardskill.

     This year, Homeband has been carrying out the event which took place at Villa Hamza, Batu on 8-9 April 2017. This activity started with the gathering of Homeband members at Basement Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya on April 8 at 07.30 WIB. Weather constraints become one of the factors that make members a little late so that the rundown that has been prepared cannot be excecuted well. After that, the participants as many as 75 people left for the location by using private vehicles such as motorcycles and cars.

     Arriving at the Villa, the participants were given time for a break for then following an outbound activities. After that the participants are allowd to clean up themselves before ishoma. Givien material by the Executive Board (HBE) of the Homeband of Faculty of Economics and Business was conducted after the ishoma session which was continued later with jamming session. This session detonated the active members to show their performance with 1-2 songs, especially preferred for new members of year 2016. Jamming session was exciting with approximately as many as 15 bands that showed off their skill in music especially band. Around 10 pm all of the members rested to recharge their energy and continue the agenda that has been prepared the next day.

     The second day, the weather is quite bright and the committee decided having some acitivities outside like morning gymnastics, games and outbound. Before the activities, the participants do have a  breakfast. For almost three hours, the outbound activities are completed and the participants are allowed to clean up for preparation before going home. During the activity, the participants tend to conduct various activities in an orderly and orderly manner.

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