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Doktor Honoris Causa untuk Jusuf Kalla
10 October 2011
TOT Teori Akuntansi Syariah
18 October 2011

On the day Saturday, October 8, 2011, meeting of the Senate held in the framework of the UB Open awarding of an Honorary Doctorate degree (Doctor Honoris Causa) on Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, Vice President of Indonesia from 2004 to 2009.

The activity is a series of activities of the Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary), Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB). By Dean FEB complete report on the awarding considerations are as follows:

The awarding / Inauguration of Honorary Doctorate Degree (Doctorate Honoris Causa)
Sector: Economic Thought and Business
Mr. Jusuf Kalla
Malang, October 8, 2011

Assalamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh;
Good morning and Peace for us all,
Honourable Chancellor / Chairman of the Senate of UB;
I respect the Vice Chancellor, The Heads of Institutions, Professors and members of the Senate UB;

Gentlemen The Dean of UB’s Environment;

I respect DR. HC. H.M. Jusuf Kalla and Mrs. Mufida JK and families as well as children and grandchildren
The Guest Special Invitation from Jakarta and South Sulawesi,
Dear faculty, students, staff, and alumni (academicians) and Ladies and happy;
First of all let us offer gratitude to Allah SWT, the Almighty God, for all the graces, taufiq and guidance that has been given to us so that we can present this morning in a ceremony / inaugural Honorary Doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) to Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla.
The award was presented in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Business (formerly the Faculty of Economics) University of Brawijaya, Malang, who exactly falls on 3 October 2011. This year, we set a theme of “strengthening the role of the Economic Development FEB-based Business Value sublime-value of Indonesia “.
Rector / Chairman of the Senate of UB, and Ladies and mulyakan

Along with the conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degree to Mr. JK, allow us to deliver FEB views on why Mr JK and not others? In our opinion, it seems there is no doubting the capacity, success, dedication, devotion dharma, and integrity of Mr. JK in the long period of his service in the bureaucracy, the business community, professional organizations, educational and social organizations. However FEB has studied the footage of Mr. JK, and took at least five (5) consideration of the conferring of DHC Mr. JK as follows:

First, beliefs and thoughts about Mr. M. Jusuf Kalla urgency economic independence of the nation, which is in harmony with the spirit / spirit of the constitution and in tune with the beliefs and ideas that flourished in FEB. On numerous occasions, Mr. JK sustainably and consistently said that only a free and independent nation-which powerful and economically advanced and every other field, and do not “rely” on the other nations, who will be able to stand in line and on par with and even respected other nations. Beliefs and thoughts is a manifestation of the spirit / spirit of our constitution, and in tune with the discourse on FEB.

Second, beliefs and thoughts about the urgency of Mr. JK kembangkannya grown entrepreneurial spirit that is consistent with the vision of FEB (derived from the ideals of UB toward the World Class Entrepreneurial University). His efforts to communicate the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is always parallel with campaigned by Mr. Rector. Mr. JK and Mr. Rector, on numerous occasions asserted that universities should not only produce graduates, master’s and doctoral degrees new, but also a place to sow new entrepreneurs who would become the backbone of the community and the nation to create jobs and create other opportunities. This entrepreneurial spirit has been embedded in the ideals portrayed in FEB vision to “become an international institution of higher education in economics and business entrepreneurial and conscious divinity, humanity, and of nature (environment)”.

Rector / Chairman of the Senate of UB, and Ladies and mulyakan

The third consideration, dedication and darmabakti Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla as bureaucrats (to gain trust) as the 10th Vice President (2004-2009), who fast, agile, and carefully find a solution or a way out smart in solving various social problems and the nation . Books Solution JK: Logical, Spontaneous, Assertive and witty, Mr. Hamid Awaludin writing, and a variety of other publications which tells “the untold stories” during he served, to be “proof” of how a variety of complex issues in the community and the nation, to be “easy and fast “in the hands of Mr. JK parsed.

Fourth, Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla is a successful entrepreneur and bureaucrat. Our search results, he began to build his career in the 1960s as a legislative member of parliament in South Sulawesi, and subsequently became a member of the DPR / MPR center until the late 1990s, while in the executive he had received a mandate as Minister of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Welfare and later Vice President. Arguably the track record shows that he is one of the successful bureaucrat. On the other hand, he is also a successful entrepreneur, whose pioneering career as an entrepreneur since the 1960s. He became the top leader (President or Commissioner Major) from various companies: NV. Hadji Kalla, PT. Bumi Karsa, PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama, PT. Earth Sarana Utama, PT. Kalla Inti Karsa, and PT Bukaka SingTel International. So, Mr. JK not only successful in the bureaucracy, but also very successful as an entrepreneur. Bureaucrats are successful in this country may not be a little, well a lot of successful entrepreneurs, but a combination of success as an entrepreneur as well as become a bureaucrat is not much. Mr. JK have both. It could be a “role model”, a role model, and inspiration for us, and especially students FEB (which now consists 4.600an) and also the sons and daughters of the nation of Indonesia.

Rector / Chairman of the Senate of UB, and Ladies and mulyakan

Pertimbanagan Fifth, Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla is an entrepreneur who is not self-employment “normal”. He was very concerned about the wide range of broad social issues. Track record or caring role and he can be seen in professional organizations such as the ISEI, his role at the Chamber of Commerce, in the world of education (as a member of the Board of Trustees in various universities, the Chairman of the Education Foundation, etc.), in the field of sports, and religious (Chairman of the Board Yasan waqf Masjid Al-Markaz Al-Islami in Makassar, South Sulawesi Mustasyar NU, etc.), and most recently as Chairman of PMI, and Ambassador Komodo. We get the message and spirit inflamed by him during this time that “giving” is better than the opposite, or in religious teachings “hands on is better than the undersigned”. This is definitely an inspiration to us all, and in line with the efforts currently being drafted by a few professor FEB to develop economic thought based giving (Giving Economics) which is different from the patterns of economic thought growing business.

Although there may still be missing from the search we did, but the five above considerations are the starting point FEB decision to give the award to Mr. JK form of Doctor Honoris Causa in Economic Thought and Business Affairs. The award is also a milestone marker of the Golden FEB, once markers to strengthen the institutional transformation of the FE becomes FEB since the beginning of this year.

Rector / Chairman of the Senate of UB, and Ladies and mulyakan

At the end of this report, on behalf of FEB, allow us deliver to thank:

First, the Rector as Chairman of the Senate and all Senate Members UB UB, and FEB Senate Members who have provided space and support for the conferment / inaugural Honorary Doctoral Degree for Mr Jusuf Kalla.

Second, the FEB the Professors who sincerely got a mandate as a promoter, which consists of Chairman Prof. Promoter Dr Eka Afnan Truna (His Most Senior Professor in FEB UB) with the Secretary Prof. Ahmad Erani Yustika, PhD (he was the youngest professor in FEB UB and UB), and a member of promoter consisting of three (3) levels of Doctoral Studies Program Chair: Prof. Dr Armanu (PPP S3 Management Sciences), Prof. Dr Fajri Ananda Candra (PPP S3 Economic Sciences), and Prof. Dr Iwan Triyuwono (PPP S3 Accounting Sciences), as well as some of the Senior GB FEB which include: Prof. Dr Burhan Omar, Prof. Dr Djumilah Zain, Prof. Dr Bambang Subroto, and Prof. Dr Made Sudarma. In harmony with the interdisciplinary field of science, namely Thought Economics and Business, the team is also derived from the promoter of interdisciplinary economics and business.

To Mr.. Dr (HC) Jusuf Kalla, we congratulate him on his inauguration as the Father of the new Honorary Doctorate in FEB UB, and at the same time deliver to thank you for your willingness became a member of the Family FEB. Hope can be an additional “ammunition” to be able to continue to work and provide the best service for the community and the nation.

Ms. Mufidah Jusuf Kalla and sons and daughters and grandchildren, and extended family members of Mr. Dr. (HC) Jusuf Kalla, who is present in our midst, we also deliver to congratulations, appreciation and sincere gratitude.

Gratitude and highest appreciation also go to all the attendees who this morning attended together in Widyaloka UB, both of Sulawesi, Jakarta, Surabaya or Malang. To all Alumni FEB FEB and the MHS, we also thanks and sincere appreciation.

In particular we are also grateful to all of the Organizing Committee both from the University of FEB and we can not mention one by one, as well as special staff of Mr. JK for his hard work so that the event this morning, God willing, can take place with the best.

To his fellow journalists of print and electronic media that communicates to the general public about the activities of this morning, and also about the FEB in general, we also express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks.

Finally, if today Rector confirmed / confer the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to Mr. HM Jusuf Kalla, then we hope and pray that the future will be born of FEB UB and UB in general, the new JK-JK inherits the spirit of struggle, emotional, intellectual and spiritual that he had, as well as the integrity and noble character that he exemplified, for carry out the mandate of the nation a better future.

Today, we have an alumnus who was the son of the nation’s best, tomorrow we dream gave birth to sons and daughters of the nation’s best as well.

More and lack we are sorry

Billahitaufiq wal guidance

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.,

Dean FEB



Gugus Irianto, PhD.

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