Pemilwa Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen FEB 2015

Kuliah Tamu, Peran BPK Dalam Mewujudkan Good Governance Di Daerah 27 November 2015
26 November 2015
Reportase Laporan Khusus, Neraca Budaya, and Diskusi Ahli Indikator for Indikator’s Magazine 48th Edition”
27 November 2015
  1. Date               : November 19nd – 20th December 2015
  2. Place                : Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University
  3. Time                : 1 month

Election students is a routine activity that was held in an organization when the management formerly over. In activities are learning to university students, namely made campus as a laboratory students about the condition of the community has, especially in politics. Hence, we had activities election student  (pemilwa) the set student management faculty economy and business Brawijaya university the period 2015. This activity not only of an annual just, but also as a forum learning to train honesty, justice, and democracy to create the set of student management the faculty economy and business Bawijaya university to be better.


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