Planning Evaluating Praying Studying (PEPS) Christian Student Fellowship (PMK) Malachi

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2 November 2015
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4 November 2015

Christian Student Fellowship (PMK) Malachi is a Christian student a place for students to learn more about the Word of God and to worship together within the scope of the Faculty of Economics and Business. PMK Malachi has flow guidance and a clear organizational structure, as well as having some of the work program. Malachi PMK organizational structure is divided into 5 sections, where the five sections are interlinked and in a parallel position.

One work program of PMK Malachi is Praying Studying Evaluating Planning (PEPS). The program is conducted twice a year, usually done at the end of the semester or after the Final Examination Semester implemented. PEPS activities conducted off campus and within two days. PEPS activities followed by the entire board of FMD Malachi is in the organizational structure.

PEPS was conducted in order to evaluate the activities of Malachi PMK for a semester that has passed and plan for activities PMK Malachi to be carried out during one semester to the next. Not only the activities are evaluated and planned, but officials PMK Malachi also evaluate yourself as a performance evaluation that has been done during the semester and planning yourself for one semester to the next.

During the PEPS activities carried out, namely for two days, officials PMK Malachi’s first performance evaluation, which evaluates yourself and other members, as well as providing advice on other members in their duties if they are less responsible. After that, the board PMK Malachi evaluate the activities that have been performed by the fifth part in the management of one semester, then make planning for one semester to the next with the advice and criticism given by the other members.

Planning Evaluating Praying Studying (PEPS) not only evaluates only but officials PMK Malachi also studied together in deepening their faith in the duties and responsibilities as well as their commitment because it has taken part into the management of FMD Malachi, because when the caretaker of FMD Malachi we are not only required to organize but how we can guide university students to get closer to God and grow together as a Christian university students who can be an example to the surrounding environment

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